Coaching Speaker Association Founder Ted McGrath Announces New Coach Training Program

Ted McGrath, author of Never Be Closing and founder of the Coaching Speaker Association, has launched a new online program that teaches coaches, experts, and service providers how to build lucrative and lifestyle-friendly businesses.

“A lot of coaches and trainers out there have a lot of value to share with the world and their audience, but they often struggle to build their businesses to the level that they truly want,” said McGrath. “All it takes to build your business is to simply know what steps to take, in what order, and how to do them. Then, you take inspired action to serve those you want to impact.”

The training program, called Coaching Leadership Academy, is about developing a unique focus on developing a message and inspiring the audience to take action. The program also teaches how to diversify a business for rapid revenue growth.

Ted has been teaching for nearly years, and many of his clients applaud his methods.

“I had no idea how to communicate my sales presentation when I met Ted. Within 4 hours of working with him, I landed a client that paid me and my partner $108,000 for a year long marketing contract.” – Alex Moscow, Co-Founder of Game Over Marketing & Design

“The one thing that EVERY business needs immediately, consistently, and predictably is sales. Ted is a master at conveying the often overlooked reality that sales and relationships are synonymous. His approach is genuine, logical, and inspiring. Ted’s methods make it unavoidably clear to the student that all aspects of your life and your customer’s life are governed by a set of rules/beliefs. When you understand the rules of the game, then you understand your customer. This is the key to your success and Ted nails it spot on.” – Kirk R. Parsley, M.D.

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