Clarence Close, Dental Marketing Authority, Announces The Launch Of Dental Marketing Partner

Clarence Close of Dental Marketing Partner has announced the launch of a new team to market specifically for dentists around the United States and Canada. “We found that the majority of dentists are excellent at their profession, but struggle with their business. It’s difficult for smaller dental offices to stay on top of the regularly changing landscape online, particularly with Google and Facebook and to understand the ‘ho-hum’ aspects of most of their direct mail marketing materials. Since I am on a team that spends thousands of dollars keeping up with all of this, we thought, ‘How can we best help dentists get high quality patients and significantly increase their ROI?’ ”

Out of this was born the experienced team at Dental Marketing Partner, directed toward helping local dentists market their practices using various media and agencies that keep up with the latest trends in doing business online as well as offline. Effective marketing of a dental practice takes an understanding of your competition, your market, and your best skills and full integration of your marketing efforts from your website to social media to direct mail to radio and TV advertising.

Along the way we learned, though we could provide dentists with lots of calls and large amounts of traffic to their practice, the amount of appointments that were getting set were very low. As the prime owner of the dental practice, they had no idea why all this marketing was not getting more appointments and assumed the leads were bad. Dental Marketing Partner investigated and we found out the bottleneck was typically a disconnect between the person answering the phone and the reason for the marketing efforts. “Our team found most dental offices were not educating their staff on phone etiquette, using a proven script for answering the phone and converting marketing generated calls to appointments.” Our solution was what is called the ‘phone whisperer’ program where we can listen to calls, find out who are the best staff phone people and develop scripts for them to use over and over again with a result of 20-30% improvement in appointment setting in the first 30 days.

As an example of one company’s new thinking, a press release on Newswire about Crawford and O’Brien found, when they investigated, there were 3 online dental marketing strategies that were extremely effective: Search Box Optimization, Twitter Retargeting and YouTube Retargeting. Search box optimization will come as people search a lot for your practice plus the city name. With enough search volume for your practice, Google Suggest puts your brand at the top of their suggestion list. Twitter is a little used and highly misunderstood dental marketing resource and YouTube is second only to Google for search volume. These last two are excellent to bring people back again and again to your main website, which increases your site volume and your Google rankings. Also, if done correctly, they will get your phone to ring, which is the short goal of marketing your practice. The strongest goal being to increase your bottom line profits.

The full-service marketing agency of Dental Marketing Partner specializes in the creation and implementation of customized campaigns, integrating new out of the box approaches, designed to convert phone calls into high-dollar cases for dental clinicians. With rising profits for the practice and staff training on not only setting appointments, but actually participating  and being rewarded for upselling services, everyone has a much happier and lucrative work environment.

‘Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail,’ Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote. Close, of Dental Marketing Authority, says, “We particularly like this quote as an appropriate comment about the way we do at marketing as other marketing firms try to catch up.”

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