City Spots, NYC: The Controversial Weed World Candies And Edibles Truck Spotted In Union Square NYC

Advocating legalization and industrialization of Hemp, Weed World Candies is provocative and still controversial. Promoting Hemp decriminalization, a brand Associate cites,
“There’s no THC in the pops.”

New York Post, circa 2013,
“FALSE ADVERT-HIGHS-ING: These vendors at one of the Weed World vans around town don’t want you to know their secret: It’s just candy.The only thing that’ll get you high at a Weed World Candies wagon is the exhaust fumes.”

Jeremy Glass, of Thrillist, investigated the “edibles,”
“It’s all about a loophole regarding the ingredients in the products. Despite the fact that Weed World trucks are emblazoned with the names of recognizable pot strains, there’s technically no marijuana in the candies — at least, not the stuff that makes pot fun.

The Edibles only contain tiny traces of a non-psychoactive yet separate component in the plant, cannibidiol (CBD), known for it’s medicinal and therapeutic benefits.



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