Cinnamon Key, Owner of Naturally Cinnamon

Cinnamon Key (also known as Naturally Cinnamon, the Resilience Cultivator) encourages and develops resilience in the Black community. Through her work with children, teens, young adults, adults, families, couples, churches, and beyond, Cinnamon counsels and educates on the importance of building our resilience!

In 2008, after graduating with her Master of Social Work degree from Barry University, she began working with teenagers that were aging out of the foster care system and transitioning into the world. This work brought her into contact with children and families who were familiar with deep, unresolved pains in a world they were not yet equipped to maneuver. Cinnamon realized that there was work for her to do and all that she had experienced in her life was part of her preparation for it. She moved from foster care work to the Miami-Dade County Public School system where she became a School Social Worker working with children, families, administrators, and community leaders to help children succeed in making high-quality academic and life decisions.

Cinnamon worked and volunteered in various capacities including counseling teens and adults showing signs of depression and anxiety. In 2012, her exceptional involvement with children in need has inspired her with the vision to create Jamila LadiesTM, a program designed to develop positive self-esteem and maturity in young ladies. Born out of her incredible engagement with teenage girls, Jamila LadiesTM is destined to help girls foster the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the many roads they will encounter in life. From this program, a series of adapted programs have been highly demanded. Thus, Jamila Wellness LLCTM was born in February 2014.

 Cinnamon is on a mission to spread the increase of positive mental health in her communities, churches, and families. She promotes mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical wellness; believing that all are connected and deserve equal attention. These are the five stars of wellness that she focusing on with her clients. “Build Your Resilience, Reach Your 5-Star Status”

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