Churches Can Transform Their Method Of Delivering A Message

The most valuable support a church can offer its members is to make them feel like they are connected to the church.  Having service once a week, and a mid-week bible study, [that one may or may not attend], just isn’t enough these days.  Pastors and ministers can now encourage their members throughout the week with new technology.  Churches have one of the greatest needs to disseminate information, and with a mobile app they can do that efficiently and stay connected to their congregation on a regular basis at no cost to the church.

Mobile apps are rapidly changing the way people communicate and with the changes in the economic landscape, single parent homes and busy life styles people live today, getting valuable information to members of a congregation in the simplest way possible is imperative.

Any denomination can finally receive a mobile app free and create a revenue stream through a partnership program that Media Authority Marketing, a PR company is spearheading. With the help of this PR firm and a local business, a church can receive a free mobile app that will help them communicate with church members often and at no cost them.

Lisa Williams, president of the PR firm believes that, “Churches are one of the foundations of communities. With all the support churches give to families, they should have a way of communicating that is simple and isn’t an expense to the church.” She believes this new partnership is just the solution.

By partnering with community-minded businesses, the development of the app is covered, so there is no cost to the church and Media Authority Marketing navigates this partnership. “We incentivize the businesses by providing a free marketing and PR campaign to alert the community of the generosity of the business, so the business is motivated to pay for the churches app,” Williams explains.

Many churches have members that are business owners who could also participate. “Most churches have members that are business owners that would love to sponsor their church in getting a mobile app and would love to be able to advertise their business as well,” Williams explains. “Our aim is to give your business owner members publicity and an opportunity to advertise in exchange for sponsoring your mobile app.”

If a congregation doesn’t happen to have any business owners, Media Authority Marketing will also work to match local businesses who are positive influences in the community with churches. However, Williams explains, “Many churches may want to offer the opportunity to their members first.”

Williams wants to help churches that understand the importance of streamlining communication and want to reach their congregation in real time. Having a mobile app will allow the church to send unlimited messages to their congregation as well as share sermons.

There are many benefits to churches of all denominations of having a mobile app. Communicating with their congregation instantly at no cost is the most noticeable benefit, but they can also post a monthly calendar of events and update it regularly, and send unlimited push messages to members. A Church can also receive offerings right from the app and send messages of encouragement, inspiration, scripture, and service reminders. That’s a huge benefit for pastors and ministers who have inspirational thoughts throughout the week and want to share that message with the congregation.

And as Williams says, “An app is not only for mega churches. No matter what size your church is or what denomination, every church has a message they want to deliver, and a mobile app helps you do that.”

People need comfort and guidance throughout the week, not just on Sunday. Church elders can provide hope and offer words of encouragement during difficult times like a natural disaster or an act of violence.

Mobile apps can also contain a form that members can use to request counseling or appointments with the elders and ministers.

Besides the free development and increased communication, a mobile app can actually be a vehicle for ongoing revenue. In addition to the business that sponsors the creation of the app, other business can buy advertising space. Advertising sales could reduce the fundraising efforts churches have been struggling with all these years.

Another way the app can generate revenue is through a donations page. If there’s ever a time when members are feeling particularly grateful and the thought pops into their head that they want to give back, they can do so right through the app.

That money could go towards sponsoring mission trips,  youth programs or even college scholarships.

As Williams explains, “The church also becomes a beacon in the community as an example of a church that is striving to offer the best experience possible and keeping up with technology.  The ability to communicate with your congregation instantly is invaluable to a ministry and is a tool that every church needs.” Williams reports that other churches that have adopted mobile apps have received great benefits.

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