Chuck Hahn, San Diego Author Of “It Is A Laughing Matter” | Proven Positive Healing Principles – Medicine For What Ails You

Chuck Hahn, San Diego author of “It Is a Laughing Matter” is a Positive Healing Expert who has transformed his 41 years of health challenges and major medical issues into practical and effective action steps. These action steps are part of a positive healing system intended to guide people to live meaningful, joyful lives, no matter what the health problem. One of the side effects of practicing the five principles to live a fulfilling, happy life is quicker and better recovery.

Having a good attitude is the first life changing principle. “When I speak in travels all over the world, I see a lot of people who have a bad attitude about their lives. They lose their good attitude and they lose their sense of humor.” This is especially true as people get older or suddenly ill. People who are used to being healthy, capable, and energetic have a hard time overcoming new medical conditions. They never envisioned themselves having a problem, then all of a sudden they cannot do what they used to, do not have the same energy, and they hurt or feel ill. They stop leaving their house or apartment. They stop going out to dinner with friends. They don’t want to do anything anymore. They lose their discipline. “Those three things – discipline, attitude, and sense of humor – are very important to continuing on in life and to being reasonably healthy and happy,” Hahn said in a recent interview.

Another key principle is the access to and development of a support system. Your family, including your family of choice, can be of vital importance in providing support. It is one of the biggest factors to help overcome medical conditions, and can help just about anybody who has a medical challenge. Hahn points out, “If you are by yourself, you’re going to have problems – there’s no question about it – because the medical issues will be all that are on your mind.” Many people today are not close to their family, but it is never too late. If you stay close to your family or reach out and get close to your family, they will be able to help you a great deal with your attitude, sense of humor, and discipline. A support system can help you get and stay reasonably happy and healthy.

“The fifth principle is having faith in God. I believe in God. Having faith and believing helps a great deal,” Hahn said. When you have some kind of faith foundation, it helps you greatly to build and maintain the other four principles and to overcome medical challenges. Faith helps to build resilience, which helps with attitude, discipline and sense of humor. Those five principles put together into one package are the most important thing that people can do to help themselves to face and overcome a new medical challenge.

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