Christian Care Ministry/ Medi-Share supports CarePortal’s care-sharing model and its opportunity to assist more in need through Hope Florida

MELBOURNE, Fl. — On March 21, 2023, Christian Care Ministry– The nation’s leading health care sharing ministry supported one of their Outreach Partners, CarePortal, as First Lady Casey Desantis announced the use of the CarePortal app to connect some of the state’s most vulnerable Floridians to resources offered by faith and community organizations.  

CarePortal is connective technology that drives action for local children and families in crisis. This technology connects a family’s needs to local churches, businesses, and individuals that can provide specific supplies and assistance to help hundreds of local children one family at a time.  

Christian Care Ministry’s Director of Outreach, Jon Yapo, attended the press conference yesterday, in which First Lady Casey DeSantis announced a pilot in the state of Florida to use CarePortal to bring businesses, churches, and the government to the table to create a Public/Private Care Sharing ecosystem. The Christian Care Ministry National Outreach program is an opportunity to connect employees, Medi-Share members, and medical providers to actively participate in outreach opportunities to as the ministry’s vision states, “Transform society through the Biblical model of sharing.” 

“It’s exciting to see the efforts of our partner, CarePortal, support this important initiative in our home state of Florida. At Medi-Share, we consider it a privilege to come alongside an organization that is like minded and committed to caring for the “least of these” as stated in Matthew 25:40. It’s this passion for service and ministry that made CarePortal a natural choice for Outreach Partner.” Jon Yapo, Christian Care Ministry Director of Outreach. 

First Lady Casey DeSantis is striving to go beyond government by bringing community partners to the table to meet the needs of foster and adoptive families under the umbrella of my Hope Florida – A Pathway to Prosperity initiative.  

“There is nothing more fundamental to a society’s health than finding effective ways to care for each other.  At CarePortal, we have great respect for First Lady Desantis’ vision for Hope Florida. We are honored to serve as the technology platform connecting Public-Private Community partnerships across the state.  Together, we look forward to a movement of collaborative Care-Sharing solutions that will make life better for Floridians in need, while also serving as a Care-Sharing model to be replicated across the country.”- Trace Thurlby, President of Global Orphan Project (CarePortal) 

About Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share 

Christian Care Ministry (CCM), a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, based in Melbourne, FL, operates the Medi-Share program, a Christian healthcare sharing organization that provides an affordable alternative to health insurance for faith-based consumers. Entering its 30th year of sharing, Medi-Share, serves nearly 400,000 members across America and has earned accreditation from the Independent Healthcare Sharing Accreditation Board. For more information about Christian Care Ministry, visit:    

About CarePortal 

CarePortal is technology that connects vulnerable children and families to people who have something to give. Social workers uncover the needs. CarePortal makes local churches aware, giving them a real-time opportunity to respond. After a decade of caring for orphans around the world, The Global Orphan Project (GO Project) created CarePortal in 2015 as a tool to mobilize U.S. churches to care for foster children and vulnerable families in their own backyards.”