Chiropractic Coach, Dr. Drew Stevens, Ph.D Helps Chiropractors Adjust Their Patient Pipeline

Dr. Drew Stevens, Ph.D, provides critical business advice for Chiropractors as a Practice Management Consultant with Missouri-based, Stevens Consulting Group. Dr. Stevens has taught Chiropractors, Dentists, Occupational Therapists and other Healthcare workers who operate as solo practitioners or contractors how to grow their business for over 25 years. He asserts, many medical practitioners operate their businesses on the premise, “If you build it, they will come.” Unfortunately, this mindset is false. According to Dr. Stevens, in order to build a successful practice, it is necessary to focus on the whole patient experience. “From the moment they enter the door until the moment they leave, and return again, patients need to be truly infatuated with the practice.”

Chiropractic Coaching offered by Dr. Stevens teaches his clients how to identify issues, come up with an action plan and achieve results. He explains, “I teach my clients that there are three steps needed for a chiropractic clinic to grow and build a sustainable pipeline. One, attraction of new patients; two, conversion of patients and three, quality care.”

Dr. Stevens believes all chiropractors are taught to diagnose a specific symptom and move on to the next case, but from a business standpoint this does not necessarily yield a lucrative practice. He adds, every clinician must look at their business from three essential perspectives: sales and marketing, administration, and operations. Dr. Stevens coaches his clients through a comprehensive practice management consulting process which includes a strategy session to flush out challenges facing the business, an assessment of current systems and processes, coaching on developing realistic goals, identifying how to measure “value return,” customized resources and training on how to integrate newly developed models and processes into the business.

Sudhir Jain, M.D., an Associate Professor of Medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, explains, “Medical practice is a very complex and different from general business. Marketing strategy is a process that can allow a Chiropractor to concentrate limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase patient flow and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Drew Stevens, Ph.D. has compiled an impressively comprehensive, step-by-step approach to develop a market strategy to have a successful practice.”

So, what’s the best quick tip Dr. Stevens can offer up for chiropractic clinicians looking to build their practice? “Be the mayor of your town. Everyone in your community needs to know you,” he says. Similar to Michael J. Fox in the classic 1980’s movie hit, Doc Hollywood, where everyone in town knew the “Doc”. He explains, “An easy way for clinicians to become recognized and trusted by the community is to volunteer with local organizations like Kiwanis and the Rotary Club.”  He also recommends becoming a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. “Get involved in your children’s activities. Building rapport and developing relationships in your own community is the best possible way to grow a practice.” Dr. Stevens adds, “People do business with those they trust and respect…and doctors are no different.”

Dr. Wayne Davis, D.C., of Moline Chiropractic Clinic/Bioshaping of the Quad-Cities comments, “Dr. Drew Stevens revolutionizes the way you will look at your practice; and certainly the way you approach your marketing campaign.”

To learn more about Chiropractic Coaching offered by Dr. Drew Stevens, Ph.D. please visit: Or, call (877) 391-6821.

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