Channeling Bond, Empire CEO Robert Kresson Spotlights Investigative, Security Measures

Robert Kresson is no stranger to the axiom “the only constant is change.” The CEO of the internationally-renowned investigative services firm Empire Investigation LLC, Kresson stands at the forefront of an industry that itself stands at the forefront of a wide array of new and emerging technological and investigative trends – ranging from international investigations and computer and cell phone forensics to corporate and domestic surveillance, through to handwriting analysis, legal defense and, of course, cyber security.

Thus, it’s of little surprise that Empire Investigation, in an effort to educate the public on the latest security measures, signed on as a corporate sponsor for the James Bond Cleveland Bond Soiree on Saturday, January 24, 2015. Honoring the 52nd anniversary of the Bond series presented by Kent Schmor Champagne Parties Cleveland and Global Bond Soceity, Kresson grasped the opportunity to showcase his firm’s wide array of tools and tactics by participating in the event, which in and of itself showcases the items that make the Bond franchise both unique and appealing – all those incredible, cutting-edge gadgets and deft, expertly executed spy tactics.

“There’s no better event for Empire Investigation to be a part of – a night of elegance, espionage and adventure,” Kresson said in a recent interview. He adds, “… and what’s even better – we’re able to benefit a good cause in the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, which ensures that families in the Northeast Ohio communities have the nutritious food they need every day. That is the real mission this evening.”

A veteran in the investigative services industry, Kresson founded Empire in 1982 and quickly amassed not only a track record of investigative and protective success, but equally a client list the likes of which those in the industry itself would revel in the opportunity to serve. As a member of the World Association of Detectives and a licensed private investigator in the corporate and domestic arenas and one of the country’s top counter-espionage investigators, Kresson and his Empire team’s expertise spans both the technical and human aspects of intelligence gathering.

Recognized for his work around the globe, the media consistently calls on Kresson as a reliable source for investigative and protective services industry commentary. Kresson and Empire have garnered international acclaim, being featured in media from USA Today and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to the Jenny Jones talk show to the Saudi Gazette.

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