Chad Hett Of Elite Group Property Inspection Service, Inc. Announces Book Release

Chad Hett, Vice President/Co-Founder of The Elite Group Property Inspection Service, Inc., has announced the release of his new book coming in May 2015. Hett’s book, “Secrets Of Top Producing Real Estate Agents: An Insider’s Guide to Duplicating Their Success,” assimilates decades of a unique, insider perspective on what it takes to be successful in the real estate profession. It focuses on how the top producing agents consistently outperform their competition. The book is thought to be an insider’s guide, or road map to what the very best agents do to create prosperity.

His company, The Elite Group Property Inspection Service Inc., performs over 15,000 home inspections per year in California. His team of inspectors and marketing reps have built thousands of relationships with real estate agents and professionals over 30 years. Their experience provides unique insights into what separates the top producing agents from agents struggling to make it.

While the downturn in the U.S. economy took its toll on the housing industry in 2007, there are currently strong indications that home prices are recovering; but many real estate professionals did not survive the housing crisis. According to the California Bureau of Real Estate, in 2007, there were just over 260,000 agents; today there are less than half that number.

The Elite Group Property Inspection Service, Inc. is the largest independently owned home inspection business in North America and has deftly weathered the storm. Even during the housing crisis, the company saw double digit gains, year over year.  When many home inspection companies were folding, Hett and his team recognized an opportunity to capitalize on a market in need of a leader. Since its inception, The Elite Group Property Inspection Service, Inc. has been involved with over 500,000 real estate transactions and has worked closely with agents on both the buyer and seller side.

“We feel that if we can help the bottom 80% of agents to be more successful, our business will continue to thrive.  It’s about building relationships,” Hett explained. The company provides several training and educational seminars specifically geared toward the real estate professional’s success. He added, “The details inside this book bring value to the hard-working real estate agent looking to take their business to the next level.”

His upcoming book discusses the mindset, strategies and tactics that the most successful real estate agents rely on to surpass their competition. The book presents the information in an easy-to-read format written for the agent who either wants to simply improve their skills, or is ready to move their business to an entirely new level.

The book will be available in both Kindle and print format on Amazon. To learn more about The Elite Group Property Inspection Service, Inc., visit their website at:

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