Certified Life and Business Coach Steve Barnes Shares His Secrets via Business Innovators Radio

Alicia Dibrell recently welcomed the experienced Life and Business Coach Steve Barnes to her popular show Business Innovators Radio. During the interview, Steve discussed how he helps and guides businesses and individuals struggling with different obstacles and adversities.  A caring and empathetic cheerleader for his clients, Steve is dedicated to helping all his clients achieve their peak levels of success. 

Even before starting his career as a business coach, Steve Barnes was deeply involved in coaching people in the corporate world in many different capacities such as Vice President of Sales, Sales Manager, Sales Trainer, and Training Manager. Later on, he became a certified business and life coach in July 2015.

“I wasn’t happy with what I was doing, so I decided that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others in any way that I could. I realized that I’d been coaching people all along, so it was time to actually do that full time,” Steve said.

As a business coach, Steve helps businesses that have stagnant growth or flatlined in growth or profitability. His clients also include individuals that find it difficult to overcome adversity or obstacles in their life. His typical coaching process starts with a free consultation where the two parties try to figure out their compatibility with each other.  He helps business owners create and implement comprehensive plans for the businesses to become profitable again. His role as a personal coach is to help individuals achieve the life they always wanted. In order to ensure optimum results, Steve only works with a limited number of clients at a time.

Highlighting the benefits of working with a coach, Steve said, “Coaches provide another set of eyes, another set of ears, a different way to think about things. Coaches can look at things in a different manner. People are so deep into their issues and their problems and their areas where they’re not succeeding that they need to have another set of eyes, another set of ears, to look at the situation.”

During the interview, Steve Barnes also discussed his recently launched book ‘You are the Great creator of Your Life.’ Steve mentions that he wrote this book to share some his great life experiences with others.  The book is comprised of inspiring stories of people that have changed or improved their lives dramatically. Within a lifespan of just over a month, this book has already received encouraging reviews from the Amazon buyers.

Steve mentions truthful self-awareness and self-honesty as the most important personality traits for anyone looking to overcome hurdles in life or business. He also considers decisiveness in terms of actions as a very important quality. He advises the business owners to be adaptable to the frequent changes in the business landscape.   

In addition to business and personal coaching, Steve’s company Peak Performers also offers motivational speaking sessions. Steve can be reached for coaching related inquiries via email, phone, and his website.

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Alicia Dibrell

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