Celebrating Women’s Equality Day Event With Lina Noland & The XP Mentor Team Hosting A 12-Hour Celebration Room On Clubhouse

On Aug. 26th, 1920, women were given the right to vote. And since that day, on the anniversary date, people in the USA celebrate Women’s Equality Day! And for that reason… on Aug 25th, Join Lina Noland and the XP Mentor Team in hosting (along with other amazing women and speakers) a 12-Hour Celebration Room on Clubhouse.

Lina is not talking about all people being the same. By nature, the Creator made men and women different. She is talking about equal opportunities, respect, love, finance, benefits, etc. Women are no better than anybody else, but they deserve everything they want and can achieve.

Don’t get this wrong… This is not a “battle of the sexes” or a feminist event. This is a celebration where people can speak, express, and be themselves. And also to continue the awareness of equality worldwide, all through love.

Lina Noland encourages everyone to be part of this event and movement; make sure to go to the room’s RSVP link to get all the details and register. 


All amazing men are invited too! Their support goes a long way when it comes to achieving their goals.

This event will feature special guests visiting and sharing their stories like:

  • Xen Sams
  • Forbes Riley
  • Les Brown
  • Jay Noland
  • and many more!

Date: Aug. 25th, 2022
Time: 9am – 9pm EST
Where: Clubhouse – XP Mentor Club

Tom Chesser

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