Catherine Bennett, Expert Insurance Advisor Discovers How To Keep Clients For Life

Compassion, intuition, product knowledge, and a love for what you do are the key ingredients to becoming a “trusted advisor.”

Catherine Bennett is an experienced, intuitive, compassionate, and fairly attractive business owner you would consider yourself fortunate to meet. Most people feel like they’ve met a new friend after having their initial consultation with her…and a fairly knowledgeable friend, at that.

She has lived a fascinating life, full of diversified and unusual experiences, which have sharpened her innate intuitive abilities, to help solve problems for the people she works with – creating smart solutions for them from cradle to transition.

But rather than being just another self-serving business owner, more interested in their bottom line than anything else, she has built a reputation as someone who is genuinely interested in helping her clients. To that end, she discovers the needs, and then customizes her product offerings to each individual or company she works with. No cookie-cutter solutions here.

Unlike your average advisor, Catherine views the prospective client in a holistic manner, to determine the needs, wants and desires of each person or company she works with. This type of panoramic viewpoint enables her to create out-of-the-box solutions for them.

Client Jennifer White says, “Catherine is a pleasure to work with and was extremely helpful and patient, even though I overloaded her with questions, concerns, and details… She always came through with the right answers and a smile.”

She often says that her calling is working with people for life – being there during all stages of their journey, which is the most intimate definition of “customer service” ever – a concept that is becoming a rare commodity these days.

Catherine works with people from all walks of life, and her earlier experiences as a Hollywood extra helped remove any final layers of conversational ineptness. Immersed in the ultimate “people industry,” working on movie and TV sets for over a decade gave her plenty of down time between takes to hone her people skills.  “Basically,” she said, “you become a good conversationalist or unemployed.”

After Hollywood, she ran a market research firm, (whose biggest client was Jagermeister); presented seminars on the science of spirituality; became an account executive with a trade show company in Seattle, and finally moved back to The Valley of the Sun when she became allergic to the molds in the Pacific Northwest. That was over a decade ago, and when she first became enamored with the insurance industry.

One of her biggest assets is her youthful appearance, energy and vigor. When you meet her for the first time, you would never guess she is both a mom and grandma, (or “Nana,” in her case) – a title she holds with distinction. One of her greatest joys is to get into a conversation about kids, music, and health and nutrition with her clients. Many people are inspired by her stories.

It’s rare to find someone who deals in the seemingly desert-dry topic of insurance who also makes you feel better after speaking with them, rather than wanting to run out the door. In my personal experience, I’ve seen some insurance agents trying to scare the living daylights out of their prospects. While that may have worked in the past, people are much savvier these days, and can spot a phony in a New York minute.

Catherine brings some remarkably varied and important qualities to the table. She routinely helps people discover the human side of their needs by using her life experience, easy conversation, and maybe just a dose of some woman’s intuition, to earn her place as their trusted advisor.

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