Carpet & Tile Cleaning In Tampa Bay Led By Premier Family

David Regidor started in the business working with his dad, a 1st generation Cuban who brought his family to Tampa to forge a new and successful life.  Little did he know that he was on the cutting edge of a business that would change lives and enhance health for families and businesses throughout the region. David has now established a boutique operation that takes cleaning to a whole new level.

Between commercial businesses that have a lot of foot traffic or employees and residential homes that have pets and children, his customers boast about the results that David has been able to achieve. He employs a threefold method simply as clean, rinse, and protect.  The cleaning steps extracts dirt and bacteria with a unique process.  The rinse ensures removing total detergents in the clean process as well as the dirt so the carpet fibers are rid of any unwanted remaining residue to its fibers. Then finally protect comes in which applies a  special solution once the cleaning is done and carpets are dried, that repels dirt and absorbs spills.

Every stage in this method is important to contribute to the higher quality of carpet, tile, and upholstery care.  Not only is Bayside Carpet Cleaner excellent in cleaning, but it also becomes better value for its clients since the methods it uses requires less repeat cleaning and more preventive care set in place.  

Pet owners especially find Bayside a must service for odors and stains that occur with animals in the household. Pet spots and stains are efficiently removed along with their odors that allow homeowners to reclaim their pristine home to look and smell the way they want it.

Tile and grout cleaning is especially problematic in many homes which are hard to clean and leave residue and bacteria unless treated properly.  Left untreated, these hard to clean surfaces can develop mold since moisture and dirt all lead to a growing problem.  Regular administration by Bayside has proven a wise approach for bathrooms and showers in the household.

The other area that many homes and businesses neglect are the air ducts and ventilation system that winds throughout the premises which carries allergens and dirt that is breathed by its inhabitants which left uncleaned, can lead to respiratory and health problems.  Bayside thoroughly cleans out the vents of hazardous pollutants containing dust, dirt, and animal dander.  The heating and air conditioning units oftentimes are where this efficient cleaning must be done.  Bayside regularly reminds its clients to get this service done for its overall well being and healthful satisfaction.

As Tampa Bay’s premier cleaning service, Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas County especially are proud to have Bayside as is one of its own local and reliable service companies keeping Tampa clean and safe.

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