Carpet Cleaners All Over The World Donate Free Cleaning For Charity

Successful cleaning businesses all over the world want to give back to their community. Cleaners around the globe will be donating their services to various charitable organizations this February 22, 2016. Hundreds of charities are already on the list to get free cleaning.

Most of the charities getting free cleaning are shelter or housing related charities. Some of the charities being cleaned free are Ronald McDonald Houses, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, women’s shelters, and drug rehabilitation facilities. These organizations often need competent cleaning services but their budgets are stretched too thin to be able to get cleaning done properly.

“Carpet cleaning is so much more than making carpet look better,” said Frank Davis, one of the organizers of the Global Carpet Cleaning for Charity Event. “Everyone loves fresh, clean carpet. Having clean carpet lifts the spirits of all who inhabit the building. It’s makes the building healthier; even the EPA recommends regular carpet cleaning to keep the indoor environment healthy.” Frank goes on to say, “Most non-profit organizations can’t afford carpet cleaning, so we created this event to give as many charities as possible the gift of clean carpet. Many of the participants run a very successful cleaning business, so they wanted to create a project to help others in need.”

The group of cleaners that came up with this project simply wanted to give back to their community. Not part of any particular company or association, these are just various cleaning company owners all over the world who want to help better the community their company services. Through various cleaning industry forums, discussions boards, and Facebook pages, this project was born in December 2015. The group is hoping this project will touch many lives and become a yearly event.

Interlink Supply, one of the largest distributors of cleaning supplies in the world, is donating free cleaning products for companies who participate and share photos on Facebook. As well, other vendors related to the cleaning industry are helping with their time and resources.

If you know of a local housing related charitable organization that is in need of carpet cleaning or if you know a professional carpet cleaning company who may want to get involved with this project, let carpet cleaners know on this Facebook Page  All recommendations of a non-profit charity will be considered based on availability of cleaners who are willing to donate in that area.