Carlos Siqueira’s Free Course, “21 Lessons, Practical Techniques & Exercises For Success”

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Carlos Siqueira, is a mega Influencer, inspiring author of “Work Like An Immigrant,” inspirational speaker, and business mentor, known internationally as the “Mentor of the highest paid coaches, consultants, experts, and speakers in the world.” He began his career at age 7 selling his mother’s bread on the streets of Northern Brazil and rose to become a number one top selling sales executive and trainer/mentor for Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. After achieving his own dreams, he now mentors other entrepreneurs, celebrities, coaches, consultants, and speakers worldwide to create theirs.

In This interview With Small Business Trendsetters, Carlos Siqueira Offers A Free Course, “21 Techniques And Exercises” that he used throughout his career to achieve success.

When asked, “Does everyone need to utilize all 21 techniques to be successful?
Siqueira says, ” You may want to try only a select few that you find pertinent or helpful to you, or you may want to try all of them! Either way, do review this list often to determine if any of the exercises or techniques have become more relevant to where you are. For example, certain exercises may be better when you’re feeling down, while others are better if you’re lacking direction or need a confidence boost. The secret to success is doing what others don’t do, can’t do, and will not think of doing. Unfortunately, very few people are willing to do the practical exercise I am about to share with you guys on a consistent basis. But, one thing I can promise you. If you do, all your dreams and desires will manifest in ways you haven’t seen before.”

When asked, “Why these specific questions that you give in your course?
Siqueira replies, ” The quality of questions you ask yourself determines the quality of your destiny. One thing I can tell for sure after 30 plus years of experience mentoring leaders who inspire tens of millions of people around the world to achieve their dreams faster than their competitors in order to become a better leader and influencer, you must ask better questions and have better, faster, and newer conversations with yourself every day before you can go out there and inspire and influence the masses or whomever you are trying to influence. Know that the person who asks most effective questions controls the frame and the conversation and more likely to achieve their end result.”

Siqueira emphasizes the importance of empowering yourself to do something every day that leads to the achievement of your goals, dreams, and desires. ” If you don’t work toward your dreams, you will be like most people in the world. You’ll work hard to earn a limited income that the corporate world believes you deserve, and you’ll be at the mercy of the promotion process if it exists in your workplace. That is a dead-end path that will not lead to fulfillment”, says Siqueira.

Siqueira finishes up the interview by saying,
“Whatever you do in life, remember that our most priceless memories will come from a place of contribution, not acquisition. Two hundred years from now, what would you love people to say about your future best self when you are no longer here? Whatever that is, journal and focus on doing something every day that will lead to more of those moments to evoke that future self of yours. Even if the one you see in the mirror is far away from that, know that if you put in the miles, work strategically, and pay attention to all spheres of life, you will meet the best version of you. When you look at yourself in the mirror from now on, thank yourself and applaud yourself for pushing, for trying, for not giving up; for not allowing anyone, even your loved ones, to change your attitude, your behavior, or your emotions; and for not quitting on your dreams. At the beginning and end of every day, always look at your future self in the mirror and promise to give it all you’ve got until you win. Remind yourself often, even write on a 4×4 index card “it doesn’t matter how it is right now, or hard it will get, one thing I know for sure, this is my time, this is my dream, and I am going to make it. Whatever you decide to do from now on, always focus on the contribution, not the acquisition.”

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