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Incite Media’s popular webcast Business Innovators Radio Show recently welcomed Career Transition Coach Jason Madden as the special guest. An Army and Marine Corps veteran, Jason works with individuals that are looking to become self-sufficient by helping them define and achieve their income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals through uniquely designed franchise business models. In a candid discussion with the show host Alicia Dibrell, he discussed interesting facts about his background, personal story, and current profession.

During the interview, Jason informed that he has spent sixteen years of his life serving the US Army and Marine Corps. In an outstanding   career, he was deployed and stationed all over the world. Earlier this year, he had an honorable discharge because of a several years old injury. However, instead of following the common path of joining a government job, he decided to start something completely new.

While transitioning out of the military, Jason came in contact with an alternative career coaching firm named The Entrepreneur’s Source. This franchise business has over thirty years of experience in the franchising industry and has worked with over two hundred different franchise businesses in about seventy-five different industries.  Jason currently offers his transition coaching service through this platform.

Jason works with anybody considering owning a business as a part of his/her investment portfolio, suffering from a poor job economy, or trying to explore entirely new careers.  During the discussion, Jason spoke in details about his successful You 1.0 and You 2.0 concepts. Another concept often followed by him is the “Employment to Empowerment.”

Once a client engages with Jason to find the right investment, Jason initially starts by trying to find out what they’re doing, whether they have a job or not, their skillset, and where they want to see themselves in the future.   

“In the next meeting, we’re going to look at the income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals and we’re going to drill deep into them,” Jason said. “And we’re going to probably have a good hour or two conversation about all those goals, about all those skills, whether consider business ownership as an option in the past or not. What is that? If they did, what kind of businesses did they look up, were they researched? Have they’ve been business owners before?”

Most importantly, all the coaching services offered by Jason Madden are available free of charge. He never has any financial transaction with any of his clients as he earns a referral fee from the franchise.

“It’s not me chasing after a check. It’s set up so that I can actually focus on the coaching practice, rather than payments and things like that,” he added.  

Jason can be contacted via his website and through the social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

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Alicia Williams-Dibrell is a Best Selling Author, host of Business Innovators Radio and contributor to Small Business Trendsetters and Business Innovators Magazine covering Influencers, Innovators and Trendsetters in Business, Health, Finance and Personal Development.