Calming Fears of Breast Cancer Patients: Dr. Cara Downey, Houston Plastic Surgeon & Breast Reconstruction Specialist

A diagnosis of breast cancer is never something a person wants to hear. While different people handle such news in different ways, one of the big fears is, “How will I look after Breast Cancer Surgery?”

Breast cancer patients who have had all or part of a breast removed can frequently have great concerns about their appearance to the degree that it can impact their self esteem and self image.

Houston Plastic Surgeon & Breast Reconstruction Specialist, Dr. Cara Downey has extensive experience with plastic surgery breast procedures ranging from breast augmentation to breast reconstruction surgery.

According to Dr. Downey, “Breast Reconstruction Surgery can be divided into two main areas: reconstruction using implants and reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue.”
– Dr. Cara Downey

Dr. Downey specializes in breast reconstruction after mastectomy, breast surgery and cosmetic surgery.
She is particularly focused on the areas of “DIEP” reconstruction for breast cancer and restoring the
female figure after childbearing.

Dr. Downey has performed over 100 free flap (i.e. “DIEP”) operations for autologous breast reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer.

The advances in resections have tremendously affected the outcome for breast reconstruction candidates.
Current surgical procedures frequently allow for the removal of the diseased area inside the breast without removing the outer skin which leads to a much more natural appearance for the patient.

Dr. Downey states that, “We’re able to recreate the breast mound that can feel natural and look natural, especially in clothing in such a way that when walking down the street, no one would ever know they had breast reconstruction or had their breast removed. With more sophisticated oncologic procedures such as nipple sparing and oncoplastic rearrangements we can even sometimes improve on the breast appearance after cancer surgical treatment. I think women are very comforted that they can get back to that point.”

When cancer creates the need for the breast tissue to be surgically removed, a breast reconstruction may be performed to restore the breast. Breast reconstruction is an elective procedure that can be performed at any time following the cancer operation. Increasing technology has helped ensure that even those who have suffered the loss of both of their breasts now have a chance at a happy and normal future.

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