C5 Insight Adds New Blog – “Failure to Adopt CRM: 7 Myths and 10 Realities”

Although CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has been increasingly improved and deployed across organizations for several years, companies implementing CRM have struggled with user adoption. In fact, studies show that over 60% of CRM projects fail to gain user adoption. Based on years of experience helping organizations overcome CRM struggles, C5 Insight Managing Partner Geoff Ables made a list of seven reasons users give for not adopting CRM, and 10 realities that explain why those reasons may just be myths. He also made a list of suggestions for organizations interested in improving CRM user adoption. The lists of myths, realities and suggestions have recently become available as a blog post titled, “Failure to Adopt CRM: 7 Myths and 10 Realities.”

The blog post, “Failure to Adopt CRM: 7 Myths and 10 Realities,” is available at buff.ly/2SRLzi4.

Ables said, “There are a number of reasons that users typically bring up when describing why they are not adopting a CRM solution. One example we hear is that the software is bad. Some organizations have the most up-to-date CRM technology available, yet still struggle with adoption, while others have home-grown and outdated solutions with 100% adoption and positive ROI.” He continued, “The point is that waiting for the perfect solution is really just an excuse. There’s almost no reason why your existing CRM solution can’t be used to improve productivity, measurability, and overall results, starting today.”

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