Business Owner, Tim Staggs, Helps People Reach Their Goals for a Healthy Lifestyle

Tim had always been an entrepreneur. When he was in elementary school he was thinking of different ways to make money. It started with buying fireballs and sourballs in bulk and selling them at school for 25 cents. That was the start of his entrepreneur journey and from there he has had multiple businesses.

Tim’s rise as an entrepreneur really started with a direct sales company. He was mentored by some very successful individuals and learned a lot about business. He Made lots of mistakes and had many successes along the way. He quickly rose through the ranks and was able to make a good income. He only stayed with the company for about 2 years but it taught him a lot about work ethic that has helped to make Staggs Fitness a success.

When Tim was first introduced to Bodybuilding. At the time he was working out to improve himself and some friends mentioned how he might do well in competing. At that point he decided to step on stage to do a show and “caught the bug”. Since that day he has competed in 14 shows over 10 years.

The crossover point for him was when he took Staggs Fitness full time. Tim was with a company doing design and sales for home remodeling. He had been with them for 10 years and it was 100% commission. He basically had the duties of an entrepreneur without the ability to own his own business or to share in the profits. Tim took the company from 100K in sales to $1,000,000 million all by myself. The owner didn’t take care of his employees and morale was terrible. So Tim started helping people get healthy on the side to make additional income. One day it got really bad at work and he decided to just walk into the office, drop off all his work materials, and he quit. It was a scary moment for him, but an incredible one. His wife wasn’t happy and he vividly remembers her being scared and asking “what happens if Staggs Fitness doesn’t work out”? Tim’s response was “well I guess we go broke!” He knew in his heart they would make it work and he would say that would be the day “I became an entrepreneur”.

Tim currently offers individuals an opportunity to change their lives forever by taking back their health, regaining their self-confidence, and having the body of their dreams.

His magic is simple. Tim added, “The key is stay away from diets, gimmicks, fads, and shortcuts. 92% of people who use diets fail. That’s not acceptable to me. So I help individuals change their lifestyle and mindset to live a healthy lifestyle. Only by changing the mindset and making health a lifestyle will someone reach their goal and maintain their goal. The incredible thing is a healthy lifestyle can still allow for individuals to have the foods they love and not spend hours a day in the gym. It can provide balance that we all need.”

The biggest problem my prospects have is changing their mindset. Society today doesn’t teach you how to be healthy. There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet. Society also has an instant gratification mindset. So my goals to overcome these problems is to #1 find the persons WHY. If their reason why to get healthy is deep enough they’ll overcome anything. #2 goal is to change the mindset that getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight. That there are no shortcuts, quick fixes, or gimmicks that’ll work. #3 is to find ways to make this fit into their life so that being healthy is sustainable for them.”

He does this by creating the blueprint for people to reach their goals. He takes a look at making healthy eating changes. Tim will look at the right type of exercises for them and their goals. Tim will look at other factors that can help or hurt you from reaching your goals. And then on a weekly basis he receives progress reports from them and makes strategical changes to the plan to keep them from plateauing. He makes himself available for questions throughout the week. If they follow the plan he guarantees results!

Tim has over 15 years of experience helping others reach their goals and he has 20 years of experience bettering himself. Tim went on to say, “I’ve made many mistakes along the way as we all do. I’ve also watched others fail and succeed. With all my experience and the knowledge I have gained, I can say with 100% certainty I CAN HELP YOU! That’s how I discovered the magic. Plus I’m always learning, researching, and bettering the methods I use.”

Tim is also a co-author of the book “Essential Wisdom” Personal Development and Soul Transformation and is available for Pre-Order here.

You can learn more about Tim Staggs by visiting his website at or call Tim directly at 269-377-5644.

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