Business Innovators Radio Show Hosts Rehab Kings Co-Owner Kevin Swart

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Continuing its tradition of hosting the leading innovators from different fields of business, Business Innovators Radio recently welcomed experienced real estate investor Kevin Swart to its latest episode. This popular webcast from Incite Media is hosted by bestselling author Alicia Dibrell. In partnership with Nick Kraychuk, Kevin Swart has been operating the business Rehab Kings over the last eighteen months, generating 12 to 16% returns for the investors.

Born in South Africa, Kevin migrated to America twelve years ago. He is primarily from the field of customer service and operations. On the other hand, Kevin’s partner Nick Kraychuk is from Manitoba, Canada, and has a solid background in construction. Their business Rehab Kings is currently based out of Canada, but the company operates throughout the United States.

The most noteworthy aspect of Rehab Kings is the company’s “white glove” approach to real estate where the company handles everything for their clients including paperwork, contracts, acquisition, tenants, maintenance, and much more. The objective of this approach is to make real estate investment as seamless as possible for the investors. Once the investors decide to sell their property or get out of the investment, they can pretty much sit back as Rehab Kings takes care of everything. They are only required to take decisions related to maintenance of the property, which is taken care of by Rehab Kings.

Kevin and Nick have also managed to deliver world-class customer service, something that has been sorely missed so far in the real estate industry. During the interview, Kevin explained in detail how working with Rehab Kings as an investor promises a seamless process to make money.  

“I think that something that’s been missed in real estate is the customer service part of it, and that’s a very big focal point of us. We’re all about adding value to people, whether they’re clients or not,” Kevin said. “If you follow us on our Facebook page, you’ll see that there are always stories and stuff going out about how to grow and how to do certain stuff. So, I would say the two focal points that make us stand out are customer service and value additions.”

During the interview, Alicia Dibrell asked Kevin about the top misconceptions that discourage people from investing in real estate. According to Kevin, fear of the unknown is the biggest factor that forces many people to decide against investing in real estate.  He also mentioned that today’s younger generation often feels that real estate doesn’t make money fast enough. 

“I don’t think it’s real. I think that’s a huge misconception about real estate. You can grow very, very fast in real estate. We’ve done in excess of 95 deals in the first 12 months,” Kevin added.

Aspiring real estate investors can get in touch with Kevin Swart and Nick Kraychuk via the official website of Rehab Kings. The company can also be contacted through Facebook and Instagram.


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