Business Innovators Radio Show Hosts Experienced Florida Luxury Real Estate Broker John Reza Parsiani

Business Innovators Radio host Alicia Dibrell recently had the privilege to welcome John Reza Parsiani, a seasoned Florida luxury estate professional, to the show. With more than fifteen years of experience in the local market, John is now the Vice President of Business Development Online at Cervera Real Estate. He is also the Senior Sales Executive at Aria on the Bay, one of Miami’s most anticipated new luxury real estate projects. During the show, John discussed his role as a broker and developer representative in Miami’s thriving real estate landscape.

Originally Persian, John grew up in Sweden and came to Miami almost two decades ago. Living in Miami for the last twenty years, he has closely observed the city’s transformation to a global city. Having earned his Business Degree with honors, John started his career with Delta Airlines as an Executive Sales Manager for Southeast Florida. Later on, he joined the real estate sector in the early 2000s when the industry started taking off.  

In his rewarding career as a real estate broker, John has helped buyers and sellers across the globe negotiate contracts and successfully close countless transactions. He has also offered leadership, management, mentorship support to other agents and industry professionals. Recently, he has ventured into pre-construction, a segment of the real estate industry considered to be the most demanding by real estate professionals.  

During the interview, John elaborately discussed how Miami has transformed over the years to become a lucrative destination for investors. He also mentioned in detail about the civic amenities and the infrastructural improvements that have taken place recently in Miami.

“Now there are just so many layers to the city. We have the opera, we have ballet, we have theater, all next to Aria On The Bay, the project that I’m the Senior Sales Executive for right now selling, which by the way is 75% sold already and we have just over 100 units to go on this spectacular new development. It’s been one of the best-selling if not the best selling project in Miami for the past two years,” John said.

John feels that the favorable tax system has been one of the driving forces behind the extraordinary growth of real estate in Miami. Without any State Tax, the city offers a 10% savings compared to other major cities such as New York or Los Angeles.  John also mentions that Miami is currently amongst the top five locations in the United States for startup businesses and the second largest financial district in the country.

Anyone interested in buying or selling real estate properties in South Florida should get in touch with John Parsiani and his team of experts. Proficient in four languages, John can be contacted via email, phone, and via his official website

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Alicia Dibrell

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