Business Innovators Radio Host Alicia Dibrell Interviews Real Estate Expert John Cleare

Real estate investment wizard John Cleare was the valued guest in one of the recent episodes of the popular radio show Business Innovators Radio. During the show hosted by Alicia Dibrell, the audience was treated to a candid discussion involving John’s successful career and his passionate approach to work.

Originally from Michigan, John Cleare started his real estate career in Atlanta. A major in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan, John was influenced heavily by Robert Kiyosaki’s popular book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” John informs that this book inspired him to embark upon a journey that led him towards a rewarding career in the real estate industry. At the age of just twenty-one years, he purchased his first two real estate properties. Later on, he started helping other investors find out off-market properties with a high demand.

At present, John offers specialized support to real estate investors looking to purchase real estate properties below the market value. He has helped many investors obtain equity, cash-flow and a sizable return on investment. With an enviable track record of closing more than seventy-five deals per year, he also assists the traditional homeowners in selling and buying their home.

Revealing how he stands out from other real estate investors, John stated, “I think that all investors and kind are focused on turning a profit. However, what makes us different is that we go the extra mile whenever we present our properties for sale. We conduct an extensive amount of due diligence such as inspections and recently sold comparable properties. We also take recent interior and exterior photos of the properties. We analyze the market rates in the area and we like to provide an offer exclusive to you, for our VIP buyers that are not necessarily made available to the public.”

During the interview, John spoke in detail about the type of investments that fall into the category of commercial real estate. He mentions that commercial real estate investments primarily deal with apartment buildings, such as garden apartments, mid-rise apartments or high-rise apartments. It also includes office buildings or retail properties such as strip centers, regional malls, and hotels. According to John, compared to residential real estate, the commercial transactions are more complex in terms of their financials. He also informs that these transactions are primarily asset-based investments rather than being based on the purchaser’s creditworthiness.

John Cleare shared his valuable tips for the property owners looking to sell their commercial property. He suggests the prospective sellers to gather a series of important information, including the rent ledgers and the profit and loss statements. He also stresses the importance of conducting a formal appraisal to ascertain the current property value.

John can be contacted for professional support via email, different social media outlets, and professional networks. Investors may also get in touch with him on Connected Investors or Bigger Pocket.

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