Business Innovators Radio Host Alicia Dibrell Interviews Bitcoin and Blockchain Consultant Jamil Hasan

Jamil Hasan, a noted consultant in the rapidly expanding field of blockchain and bitcoin, was the valued guest at the latest episode of Business Innovators Radio. In an interesting interview with the host Alicia Dibrell, Jamil discussed the basics of bitcoin, its endless opportunities for the future, and his efforts in helping bring cryptocurrency to the mainstream of the US economy.

Prior to his current profession, Jamil Hasan was a multinational technology manager for Fortune 100 companies. Now, as a bitcoin and blockchain consultant based out of Connecticut, he has started his own practice to help build crypto-ecosystems in his community. His work is primarily focused around pre-ICO and the post token sale for Initial Coin Offering campaigns. Jamil informs that his activities include providing coaching and consulting, analyzing the distribution channels, budgeting assessments, and reviewing the database viability and operations. He has also created a proprietary financial modeling method capable of assessing the financial viability of the tokenized companies.

Discussing his business model, Jamil said, “My offerings are pre-ICO and after token sale. My rates are listed in Bitcoin or percentages of a Bitcoin. My Extra Value offering is that I am on retainer post token sale as an advisor/Board Member to the startup tokenized company.”

Jamil also mentioned that he is trying to make sure that innovations of the block chain are used not just by the large multinational companies in the US, but as a part of the mainstream economy in the country.

When asked about his areas of core competence in the field of blockchain technology, Jamil informed that he has been a database person all his life and focuses primarily on data storage. Regardless of the cryptocurrency type, he functions as an operational efficiency expert. Jamil believes that most of the startups fail because of the lack of a proper operational plan. As a consultant, he helps them build a sustainable business.

Alicia also questioned Jamil about impact of cryptocurrency on the future of dollar in America. Jamil feels that that based on the existing government regulations, dollar will not go away anytime soon. However, he feels that if bitcoin is regulated in one country, it would still be used by others. Also, creating scarcity for a particular crypto token will only lead to an increase in its value.

Finally, highlighting the objective of his practice, Jamil mentioned, “I’ve built operational, departments from scratch. I’ve created databases from scratch. Now I’m creating a practice from scratch, and the practice is focused on relationships and helping people and learning to take all my skills together and apply them. ”

Jamil Hasan informs that all his offerings and services are available via his website is He can be contacted by filling out the contact me page on his website, sending an email, or calling the number mentioned on the website. In spite of his hectic schedule Jamil promises to respond to all communications as early as possible.

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Alicia Dibrell

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