Business Consultant Mark Eiland Reaches Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

Authority Media Group, LLC congratulates Mark Eiland, best-selling author featured in the new book, “Simple Ideas – Extraordinary Results,” which recently hit three Amazon Best Seller lists.

The book ranked at #14 in the ‘Web Marketing’ category, as well placing in the ‘E-Commerce’ and in ‘Marketing/Web Marketing’ categories.

In this best-selling book, Mr. Eiland, a native Texan and Business Consultant, discusses his background at Bank of America, IBM and CIO for the State Attorney General’s office and how that lead to his current consultancy, Mercury Equity Partners.

Mercury Equity Partners uses marketing and business strategies to turn low-performing businesses into productive and wealth companies. “We help business owners turn that stagnant business into very valuable assets. We also make it sellable should the owner decide to do that. Of course, this is a lengthy process, often taking two to three years to accomplish,” says Eiland.

Mark finds that a lot of business owners don’t know how to grow their business. He says, “We make sure that they have a systemized, automated process for getting new clients and increasing sales and profits. By doing that, it increases the value of their business.”

Mark’s unique experience with mergers and acquisitions makes him a priceless resource for companies that are looking to set themselves up for growth and a possible sale.

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