Brita Horn, Fire Chief Rock Creek Volunteer Fire Department, Has Been Appointed to Colorado’s Fire Programs Commission

Fire Chief Brita Horn’s appointment to Colorado’s newly established Fire Programs Commission, has been announced by Colorado Department of Public Safety. The mission of the Fire Commission is to enhance public safety in Colorado through an integrated statewide process focused on the fire service’s capacity to conduct fire management and use, preparedness, prevention, and response activities to safeguard lives, property, including utility and communication infrastructure, and natural resources, and increase the resilience of local and regional communities.

“I truly want to express my gratitude to the State of Colorado on this appointment,” Brita stated.

Chief Horn will be one of only two members selected to represent volunteer firefighters among the twenty-four voting members designated for participation in the Fire Programs Commission. She’s grateful for this opportunity to proudly represent the volunteer firefighters across the state of Colorado.

A Coloradan, a Public Servant, a Fire Chief, a High-Energy Fireball, and a Trail Blazer are a few ways people know Brita Horn. She has dedicated her life to public service in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 when she noticed a need in her local community for emergency responders. She responded to the call by creating a nonprofit fire department with her friends and neighbors in McCoy, CO which has served the community for the last 18 years. Brita currently serves as the Fire Chief for the department.

Brita’s service does not stop there. She currently serves Coloradans as the Treasurer for the Colorado State Fire Chiefs (CSFC) and the Eagle County Fire Chiefs Association. Also, as the Volunteer Section Chief for CSFC and was elected to the Club 20 Board of Directors.

She understands the responsibility she has to faithfully represent her constituents’ interest. While serving as the Routt County Treasurer, she diligently worked to ensure fair and equitable treatment for her constituents. She fought to uphold laws requiring all individuals and corporate entities to pay their taxes. Brita took on the worldwide coal industry to ensure that they pay their taxes, fees, and legal cost in full.

Brita’s service and dedication has impacted people both inside and outside of Colorado. Her service has been the focus of articles published by The New Republic, The Boston Globe, Denver Post, Colorado Politics, and many other publications. Brita’s service has also been spotlighted in several books including Lilies of our Valley and Women in the Fire Service.

When she is not actively serving on the front lines, Brita adores spending time on her family’s ranch with her husband, Gary, and two daughters, Abbey and Belle. Brita also enjoys serving as a safety officer for demolition derbies, chasing steam engine trains and tractors, digging into local history, and running around on her ATV Reeper with her husband.

“It is a delightful opportunity for me to work side by side with such esteemed fellow fire personnel on the newly minted fire commission. I will prove myself to be an asset to the commission and proudly represent the volunteer firefighters across the state of Colorado. Assuredly, I will utilize my extensive fire experience, talent and skills that I have acquired since America’s tragic event on 9/11/2001 as the fire commission works together to accomplish the goals before us,” Chief Horn added.