Bringing Safety And Security, Christine Howatt Is Selling Peace Of Mind

In today’s world, many feel their personal security is compromised or can be compromised at any moment, leading to feelings of fear, vulnerability and anxiety. Enter: Christine Howatt of Platinum Security Products (

Dedicated to offering the very latest non-lethal self-defense and home-protection products that are also easy to us, Howatt is committed to keeping her customers feeling confident, secure, and in control in every situation. Keeping her clients safe in the event of an attack is her first priority. “I try to encourage people to be prepared and ready for any kind of attack without being paranoid,” Howatt says. That can be a delicate balance, but Howatt’s approach includes providing her customers with a great deal of product information, access to her published articles, and the company’s well-maintained and informative blog to help them feel prepared to handle anything.

In addition to offering top-quality merchandise through her business Platinum Security Products, she is the author of over 30 published articles and the co-author of “Ultimate Entrepreneur Success Secrets,” which became a best-seller on Amazon in 2013. “Writing articles and blog posts educating people to be aware of what’s going on around them, reviewing the different products, giving tips on using these products, and some real life stories in the news can help in a practical, everyday way,” Howatt says. With sales increasing over 700% in the past year due in part to strategic retail placement on, Howatt is working on making Platinum Safety Products’ tagline – “Providing Peace of Mind In A Crazy World” – a reality for more and more people.

Platinum Safety Products offers over 300 items for sale online via Amazon, including: pepper spray, personal alarms, hidden cameras, home security products, DVD’s, safety kits. Some products are also available in discounted bundled package kits, at wholesale prices, and special consideration is made for business interested in group sales.

Howatt is committed to providing her customers with best, most reliable and easiest-to-use products available in today’s market. Increasing peace of mind is her highest priority. “We provide quality, easy to use non-lethal self defense and home security products that make women, men and children of all ages feel safer whether at home, work, traveling or out having fun,” Howatt says. With Howatt at the helm, Platinum Safety Products is dedicated to helping bring customers a sense of safety, increasing their confidence and letting them live free from the fear of being vulnerable to attack.

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