Branding Expert Glen Campbell Explains How CEOs Can Overcome Complexity and Uncertainty

The level of complexity and uncertainty in the business world is unprecedented. Every major industry is experiencing rapid and unpredictable changes in technology, economics, and politics that impact how customers interact and make buying decisions. This leaves CEOs struggling with challenges relating to how they will simplify, innovate, connect with their customers, and grow their business.

Branding expert Glen Campbell believes that the current focus on organizational and personal branding misses the point. He believes CEOs need to first refocus their attention on understanding who they are as a person – their own clarity and focus – and then on how they emotionally connect with their organization.

“My more than 25 years in brand strategy development has taught me that truly great leadership, and the remarkable brands that great leaders create, flows from the unique characteristics of the individual,” explains Campbell. “Unfortunately, today’s CEOs have little time for this because they are caught up in a perpetual, short-term financial cycle that forces them to operate from a position of internal fear and uncertainty making their decisions transactional in nature.”

According to Campbell, when leaders are operating from this position, it is extremely difficult for them to confidently engineer strategies to create genuine and lasting employee and customer connections that fuel a remarkable brand. The effect is the exact opposite. Fear and uncertainty creates higher levels of stress and anxiety and tactical decision-making. This simply exacerbates the disconnection.

Campbell believes that “effective brands emanate from self and social-aware leaders who profoundly resonate with their employees first and foremost, and make promises that his or her company is equipped to consistently keep, in an emotionally connected way.”

Campbell reconstructed every aspect of organizational and personal branding into what he calls The Brandheart Method. “I’ve spent more than 65,000 hours working with hundreds of CEOs developing some of the world’s most recognized brands. That work shaped The Brandheart Method,” shares Campbell.

“An organization cannot succeed unless its leader is operating from a point of unwavering internal certainty that is consistent with the brand vision, purpose, and values. Leaders that do this can create a powerful domino effect that can rapidly transform an ordinary business into a remarkable market-leading brand.”

The Brandheart Method focuses and accelerates brand connection in a way that consistently surprises and delights customers, causing them to engage more deeply and more often. “Leaders who use The Brandheart Method in their organization can make decisions and act with a level of unwavering internal certainty that will empower them to overcome their complex business environment.” says Campbell.

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