Brad Korn Shows Real Estate Agents How To Make The Phone Ring With New Business

Real Estate Agents no longer have to struggle or worry about where their next client is coming from thanks to the Make The Phone Ring Again program. Contrary to what many consumers believe, Real Estate Agents do not get paid unless they make a sale. In fact, Real Estate Agents are self-employed and responsible for all of their own expenses such as marketing, advertising, and other costs associated with running a business. While the upside income potential can be quite substantial, every agent must be focused on making their phone ring with new clients.

“An agent’s number one priority each day is to find that next buyer or seller,” said Brad Korn, agent and business coach. “I know first hand the power of keeping, maintaining and nurturing a database, so creating this program for other agents to follow was a natural fit.”

Unlike other industries such as insurance and financial planning who receive on-going commissions from the sale of products to their clients, Real Estate Agents are only paid once at time of closing. On a typical transaction an agent normally earns 3% of the sales price, but they do not get to keep all of that money. They must pay some to the brokerage they represent, save some for taxes and use some for business expenses. All of these costs can eat into the agent’s earnings and leave very little left over for marketing.

“Most agents fail because of one reason…they make the mistake of not creating a client database,” said Brad Korn. He went on to add, “And for the one’s who do keep some type of database, they struggle with how to effectively communicate and create referrals.”

Korn’s coaching program, “Make The Phone Ring Again” is a turnkey program designed to help agents gain more clients. Agents who take his course learn how to master the understanding of how and why a more consistent follow up plan will increase their business. “The Make the Phones Ring Again program doesn’t just give the agent a road map to more business, it also shows them how to automate many of the processes to be working for them when they are doing other activities, including spending time with their families,” Korn explained.

Agents who have attended the program have been singing his praises for helping them benefit from a system that generates referrals even while they feel as if they have not done any extra work. More information about the program can be found at or