Book Providing Insights From Healers in Toronto on Alternative Methods of Healing Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Platinum Publishing‘s recent release, “HEALING – Health and Wellness Industry Experts Share Their Insider Secrets, Experience and Advice on Healing,” hit’s best seller list on October 28th, climbing all the way to Number ONE in the Alternative Medicine Healing and Holistic Medicine Categories

Platinum Publishing has pledged 100% of the royalties from the retail sales of the book to be donated to a charity called, Do Amazing Things.

In response to book reaching Number ONE, Platinum Publishing President & CEO, Fatima Omar Khamissa, said, “Hitting the Bestseller list is something we are excited to have achieved. This is an important project for us because we have been able to create a powerful resource for people interested in alternative healing.”

Describing the unique concept behind the book, Omar Khamissa explained, “This wasn’t a topic we could tackle on our own, so we reached out to some of the top healers in Toronto and the neighbouring areas, and asked them to give their insight into NLP, Yoga, Reiki, Feng Shui, Relationships, Family Constellations, HeartMath, Beauty, and many other very insightful topics on healing your mind, body and spirit.”

Omar Khamissa expressed appreciation for the book’s contributors, saying, “We are extremely fortunate to have the caliber of healers in Toronto who gave their time to contribute to this project. Each and every one of them is a true advocate and educator in their field. To have Amazon put this book at the top of their Best Seller list in the Alternative Medicine Healing is an incredible achievement and puts a spotlight on the appreciation and recognition they deserve.”

With the recent popularity around alternative methods of healing in the media, HEALING subject matter is a hot topic and a must read for people interested in alternative healing.

Featuring Chapters with:-
Ryan Longenecker

Magda Amin
Carolynn Tersigni
Shirin Ariff
Dr Roya F. Komeili
Coach Fareen
Shohreh Bashar
Dr Alireza Sharifi
Ambreen Ihsanullah
Ayesha Khalid
Maggie Guo

Annette Nolan

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