Bonni Shevin-Sandy is the President/CEO of, whose focus is dedicated to diversity and inclusion. Bonni the past CEO at Dard Products, INC., and President/CEO of DARD Design. With her entrepreneurial skills and a passion for the industry, she has propelled the growth of both companies.

Bonni has invented hundreds of items and patented over 52 items with an additional 8 patent applications pending, as well as proactively exhibiting in Hong Kong twice a year, with an average of 4-5 trips to China per year. Bonni opened an office in HK, run and managed by the ex-procurement global leader, Michael Rafael. 

Bonni’s passion is helping other entrepreneurs organically grow by helping them through the WBENC certification process. Bonni has a tier one, tier two WBENC, cost savings, global solution. Bonni /Diversitypromos is a Veteran, military-run, and owned certified company. We give back 10% of all profits to the charity of your choice via our website.

Tera Jenkins

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