Bolaji Oyejide Tells Entrepreneurs: “You’re An Expert And A Customer Advocate, You Deserve To Be Recognized For It.”

Entrepreneurs and business owners are faced with two unique challenges:
Obscurity and commoditization.

As media becomes more fragmented, it becomes harder to reach a critical mass of one’s target audience with traditional marketing.

The worst fate for a service provider is to become obscure in a sea of unlimited options.

Close behind that fate, is to be relegated to commodity status.

More and more, business owners are defaulting to competing on price, in order to attract and retain customers.

Publishing expert Bolaji Oyejide (Bolaji O) of Bold Publishing tells his clients, “You’re an expert and a customer advocate, you deserve to be recognized for it.”

Entrepreneurs get so busy planning their next advertising campaign, their next marketing campaign, that they forget how they themselves choose a service provider.

As consumers, we’re overloaded with information and options.

“So we tend to choose the service provider that we perceive as the market leader!” says Oyejide. “No one ever got fired for choosing IBM.”

“The reality is that…” says Oyejide. “Relying on ME TOO marketing and outspending the competition on advertising is a bad idea.”

The most overlooked issue is the question of how to fill that spot in the ideal customers mind as the number one solution, to their number one problem.

At Bold Publishing, Oyejide addresses this key issue facing business owners, with an age-old solution that is gaining renewed traction with industry authorities.

It’s by writing a Signature Book. A signature book is a one-problem, one-solution book, written with that ideal customer in mind. It tightly focuses on the value a business provides, and establishes the business owner as an instant expert and authority in their niche.

“Having that Signature Book allows entrepreneurs to have clients seek them out, instead of having to chase clients. It creates an edge the competition can’t soon duplicate,” says Oyejide.
“And it even puts the business owner on a platform where they can easily command local media coverage, speaking engagements, and even higher prices in a competitive environment.”

Books like Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow,” Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and
Malcolm Gladwell’s, “The Tipping Point” are exemplary Signature Books.

Positioning oneself in this way allows an entrepreneur to transition from simply being a service provider, to becoming an educator and advocate for the success of that ideal customer.

And that’s a much more difficult position for the competition to dislodge a business from, than features and product benefits alone.

Whether you are struggling to increase your profit margins, or just want to shorten your sales cycle, positioning as an industry authority is essential. Visit to learn more about how you can reap the benefit of being an expert and customer advocate in your industry.

Bolaji Oyejide (Bolaji O) is a 7x Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Speaker, and Chief Executive at Bold Publishing.