Blue Laser Group Acquires New Femtosecond Laser for LASIK, Presbyopia and Laser Cataract Surgery

In the past two decades, lasers have revolutionized ocular surgery, allowing patients to recover faster, with less trauma to the eye, reduced healing time and better potential to gain 20/20 vision or better without glasses.

Now, the Blue Laser Group, with offices in Athens and Gainesville, GA., has acquired one of the most advanced laser technology systems on the market today. The FEMTO LDV™ Zeimer 6 is a revolutionary medical device that paves the way for the future of both cataract and corneal surgery.

The new FEMTO LDV Z6 emits ultra-short pulses of light energy to create an extremely precise and accurate surgical-like incision. But unlike previous generation femtosecond lasers, the FEMTO LDV Z6 sends out extremely low range pulsed energy, which results in a very gentle treatment of the tissues.

“Using this new laser, there is less stress on the eye and decreased inflammation, which minimizes healing time,” says Richard Blue, M.D., medical director and founder of the Blue Laser Group. “Most patients experience a very fast overall recovery time and clear vision within just hours of the procedure.”

The FEMTO LDV Z6 laser is unique in that it can be used for several eye procedures, including creating the corneal flap during LASIK Surgery. It’s also a benefit for “baby boomers” and can help them regain sharp vision and reduce their dependence on glasses due to presbyopia, the over-40 aging eye syndrome that affects close-up vision. In addition, the laser has received FDA approval as an important component of the new blade-free cataract surgery technique for seniors.

“I think this is one of the best new devices on the market for patients, regardless of whether they’re looking for vision correction with LASIK; treatment for presbyopia, or cataract surgery,” says Dr. Blue. “I can treat virtually any prescription, while helping more patients reach their goal of being glasses-free.”

During LASIK Surgery, the FEMTO LDV Z6 laser generates microscopic overlapping bubbles that gently separate the layers of tissue to create a corneal flap with a smooth ablation surface and consistent, uniform thickness.

“The new technology allows us to create a perfect custom flap that is individually tailored to the patient,” says Dr. Blue. “This minimizes healing time and allows more patients to achieve 20/20 vision or better.”

The Blue Laser Group is currently the only practice in Georgia that combines the new FEMTO LDV Z6 laser for corneal flap creation and the WaveLight EX 500 for vision correction to give patients an extraordinary all-laser LASIK experience with excellent results.

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