Big 4 Management Consultant Phil Khor Leaves The Corporate World To Establish Australia’s Leading Online Business Community Marketplace

Phil Khor, the founder of SavvySME made a brave decision to leave the corporate world and set up an online community to assist and support local business, by helping them to connect with other like- minded people who choose to come together to share and support each other.

Phil Khor says “Most small business owners tend to do everything themselves and it can often be a lonely struggle. When you have local challenges, you want local professionals with the kind of expertise you need. SavvySME provides a platform where business owners can find products, services and support to help their business. It’s also an incredibly powerful networking tool for business connections”.

According to Khor, if B2B service providers come into an online community with the right expectations they can generate new leads and grow their business over time. This is achieved by sharing experiences, and demonstrating thought leadership through blogging, answering questions and getting involved in discussions. Adding value is important in building your reputation within a community to build confidence and trust in other members who may need your services.

A recent article in Community Roundtable confirms Khor’s views: “online communities address the growing flash points where the complexity of markets clash against the complexity of organizations. They provide a comforting human dynamic to individuals, whose world feels like a big, confusing and illogical machine, chewing them up and spitting them out. Online communities are, in essence, the test labs for what it means to ‘do business’ in this new connected and complex era and with it they are creating new forms of negotiation, organization and balances of power. I believe that anyone who wants to thrive in the future needs to understand the discipline of community management.”

We all know the saying that people do business with others they know, like and trust. An online community provides the platform for this kind of emotional connection to occur and takes it to new heights by integrating the collaborative aspects of a vibrant community with a marketplace where a broad range of services can be offered. It’s a safe environment to generate and attract interest in a business, make new connections and friendships, grow your brand and create partnerships.

As Khor says, “It’s not about self-promotion. It’s about the right mindset. You’ve got to give to get. It’s all about earning trust.”

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