Beyond Talk: Marriage And Family Therapist Karleen Shuster Shares Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

Traditional family therapy is based on “talk therapy” and is very helpful in the healing process of any dysfunction. However, going deeper into the mind with the use of hypnotherapy can be a more efficient tool in dealing with anything from trauma to basic anxiety.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Karleen Shuster, believes that better and faster results can be achieved by adding hypnosis to your practice.

“As a marriage and family therapist, I have discovered that a lot of people have past trauma that has been recorded in their subconscious mind, which stops them from being able to truly heal,” she explained. “Talk therapy is very beneficial, but if we can get into the subconscious and really start clearing some of the negative imprints that has happened over the years, and insert positive information, we can heal that much faster.”

Shuster is a certified hypnotherapist since 2007. Hypnotherapy is the use of intense and guided focus to achieve a heightened sense of awareness which is known as a trance. Under a trance, a person is more receptive to suggestion, and can be asked to specifically focus on certain tasks and thoughts. Hypnotherapy, unlike exaggerated portrayals of stage hypnosis, is, in fact, used by professionals as a complementary treatment to psychotherapy. It can be used to suggest behavioral changes, help recover forgotten memories, or cultivate a more positive outlook in life.

Shuster noted that going under a trance actually happens to a lot of people more often than they realize. She added, “It really is a process of just allowing yourself to get into a relaxed state. If you’ve ever driven home and realized that you just lost the last five minutes and don’t know how you got home, you were actually in a mild state of hypnosis at that time.”

Working in the military town of Pensacola, Florida, Shuster has seen how families traumatized by the horrors of war can benefit and heal through hypnotherapy. ”As a provider for military families, I have seen a lot of post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and anger issues arise. Hypnotherapy is very beneficial in helping to heal those traumas,” she said.

According to Shuster, hypnotherapy can be used to address different kinds of emotional, mental or psychological traumas—whether it’s anxiety due to childbirth, apprehension over a major exam, or moving on from grief or depression. As a therapist specializing in marriage and family, she has also seen how hypnotherapy can help couples release built up resentment, and help them to focus on the positive things they love about each other and rebuild their connection.

She added, “With the additional use of hypnotherapy and guided meditations, I have witnessed families that were once filled with anger and resentment be able to focus on being happy and healthy with their families, and start to appreciate the blessings they have in their lives. It’s really amazing when you see this kind of effect on people.”

Shuster has compiled over 15 years of experience and expertise in the field of psychology where she has dealt with cases related to relationship building and healing, adult mental health, substance abuse and addictions, stress management, parenting, and children’s self-esteem. In addition to in office therapy, Karleen has created Guided Meditations on her website which was developed to provide professional hypnotherapy that can be downloaded and used in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  Karleen’s hope is that everyone can be free from past trauma and abuse and truly live a life of joy and blessings.

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