Bestselling Author Warren Broad Shares What To Do When Things Fall Apart In Your Life Outside Of The Business

Running a successful business can be difficult enough as it is. When life crises get thrown into the mix like divorce, depression, addiction, or loss of a loved one, it can be especially challenging to keep your business and life afloat. That’s why Warren Broad, clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, addictions specialist and bestselling author, helps business owners strategically deal with major life challenges so that they can thrive in business and in life. As the co-author of the bestselling book It’s The Landing That Counts: Finding Peace, Happiness And Prosperity When Your Life Falls Apart, he shares four practical steps that business owners can take right away to start to manage their personal crises and get life back on track.

Step 1: Meditation

One of the simplest things that business owners can do to improve their personal situation is to meditate. When life feels like it’s falling apart and there are so many things to manage and handle, it can feel impossible to make a stress free decision. Meditation quiets the mind and helps business owners visualize and focus on the outcome that they really want.

“One of the biggest benefits I’ve seen from meditation is that individuals are far less wrapped up in what’s going on in their lives. It creates separation so we can decide what we want to be emotionally invested in,” says Broad.

Step 2: Internal Dialogue

Road blocks come with all different sorts of dialogue. “I can’t do this” or “I’m not strong enough” or “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m not who I used to be”, are all language that is destructive versus constructive.  This internal dialogue can make individuals feel like they’re listening to a broken record on repeat.

Warren says, “We always have the choice to agree or disagree about something our mind has to say.” Consciously choosing to accept those thoughts that empower us and move us forward, and reject those that undermine our efforts or try and sabotage us is key to keeping your life and business afloat.

Step 3: Exercise

Exercise is one of the best anti-depressants on the planet. In general, when we exercise and have our heart elevated for anything past 10 minutes, our body begins to produce endorphins. Endorphins help to give a sense of happiness and well being, which is vital when life feels out of control. Broad encourages business owners to be active for at least 15-30 minutes a day. Start with a brisk walk, a short run, or interval training to get the heart elevated.

Step 4: Give back

Gandhi says, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Warren believes that giving back feeds our soul on multiple levels. Life crises, mental difficulties, depression, divorce, anxieties, all can lead to a very self-absorbed state.

“When we can be of inspiration to others by giving back, we now are moving ourselves up to a higher level.  There is a gratitude and self-awareness that comes with that that can’t be achieved in any other way,” says Broad. Giving back also helps to put our own problems in perspective, or at the least, to focus less on ours and help someone else with their own challenges. Consider volunteering, mentoring, or helping someone else out in a time of need.

Warren Broad is a clinical hypnotherapist, life coach, and addictions specialist, and has helped countless business owners and individuals resolve the crises in their lives quickly and effectively. He is the co-author of multiple bestselling books including, It’s The Landing That Counts: Finding Peace, Happiness And Prosperity When Your Life Falls Apart, and Living Without Limitations, as well as I Am Anthology: Love Wisdom And Guidance Through Soul Reflection”, which continues to inspire others to break through their perceived limits and live the life they want.

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