Becky Norwood: Turning Striving Authors Into Bonafide Bestsellers

Becky Norwood has provided a one-stop shop for would-be authors; a place where they can learn how to do it themselves, as well as get help in doing it.

“My ideal client is a business owner who wants to take their business way further than just working hard,” Norwood says. “They know there are things they can do to expand their reach and message, but they don’t know how to get there. They are, however, willing to learn and apply their knowledge into a work of heart.” This stepping stone to authorship starts with telling their signature story, the “why” behind the passion that led them to take part in their business. It becomes the showcase and launchpad to more books, products and, therefore, extra streams of revenue.

Her business, Spotlight on Your Business, breaks down into two main parts:

  • The Learning and Resource Center: a place where she promotes experts who teach various courses on different subjects like podcasting, media coverage, hosting webinars and social media management.
  • Done for You Services: where the Learning and Resource Center takes a do-it-yourself approach, the Done for You Services is much more hands-on. Becky assembles her top team of copywriters, editors, formatters, social media managers, bloggers and web designers, and leverages their talents to gain exposure for her clients’ books. This process attracts huge audiences of half a million people or more.

But how does one become an author in the first place? That’s where her training program, Journey to Authorship, comes into place. “Journey to Authorship is a sixteen-week-long live, interactive group training that helps people who know that they want to write a book, but have no clue where to start,” as Norwood explains it.

Very early on in the process, Becky gets her participants focused on marketing. “From the moment they make the commitment to write a book, they are encouraged to start blogging, building their social media, creating videos, learning how to podcast and building their list, well before their book is ready for publishing.”

This accomplishes two goals:

  • “They have plenty of content that can be repurposed for their book,” Norwood says.
  • “ ‘Build it and they will come’ does not apply,” as she likes to say. In other words, just because a book is written, that doesn’t mean it’s going to magically sell itself. She talks about how many of her clients “think that because they write a book, that many, many people are going to want to read it. It doesn’t happen that way. The marketing and exposure have to be continued.”

This is what sets the Norwood method apart — she not only teaches the importance of marketing, but has assembled the tools needed to make it happen.

“Your book is your calling card, and as a business owner, it’s really important to use that calling card in the right way,” Norwood says. Or perhaps you’re looking to create a lasting legacy. To those people, Norwood asks, “What do Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, and Wayne Dyer have in common? They’re not here with us today, but their words will still impact people for many years to come.”

“In order to use your book as either a calling card or to leave a legacy, start now,” she urges. “With Journey to Authorship, we’ve got the tools and the resources to make this become a reality, and to empower you to do it for yourself. Spotlight on Your Business is full of all the resources and services that you’ll need to know for your journey, so you’re not going to be spending lots of time searching and trying to find out how to get this done. You’ll either be empowered to know how to do it yourself, or find high quality people who know how to do it for you.”

Becky’s desire to help others stems from her own journey as a business owner. “I have been self-employed all my life … I started working when I was eight.” But when the economy went under, so did her business. “To lose a business was unbelievable,” she remembers.

Right around that same time, social media was really becoming a big deal. Through this new lens, she saw two things: despair and opportunity. She saw many people just like her losing their businesses left and right. She felt their pain. But what she also saw was a way to not only help herself, but those other down-and-out business owners as well.

“The [tools] of the digital world we live in that are now available to either promote a book or business were amazing,” she says. “But I realized that a lot of business owners need to learn how to use them, and that’s what started it for me.”

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