Baby Name Expert Allison Rose Releases Book Unlocking Character Traits Based On Birth Names

Third-generation Numerologist and Spiritual Healer, Allison Rose releases her first book, “It’s The Name That Counts: Naming Your Baby Using Numerology.” The book discusses issues related to choosing a baby name and the impact of that name on a child’s future.

During a recent interview for Trinise TV, Rose is interviewed by Trinise L. Kennedy, Founder & CEO of IntrinsicAlly Authority Consulting about Rose’s Australia-based numerology practice. The video interview highlights Rose’s name advisory services and sage name meaning guidance linked with the release of her baby names book.

Rose gets into the intricate details of choosing a baby name. The seasoned numerology expert explains that each letter within a name corresponds with a certain number. The combined numbers from the first, middle and last names are added together as a total sum. Such numerology is believed to give insight into the child’s future.

Another portion of the overall baby name numerology equation is the birth date of the child. The numbers from a baby’s name, along with its birth date numbers, can paint a picture of a baby’s dominant character traits. While parents obviously cannot change the birth date of a child, they can choose the name of their baby as a guide toward its aptitude.

“It definitely matters which name you pick for a baby. Just changing the spelling of the baby’s name slightly can make a big difference. You might be in love with a particular name. So you may not particularly mind if ‘Lilly’ is spelled with one ‘l’ (Lily) or a double ‘l’ (Lilly). Yet that could significantly change your child’s ability or potential to achieve in this lifetime,” Rose reveals.

In a video interview for BabyCenter, celebrity actor Matt Damon revealed that he would rather be called by his birth name, “Matthew” which makes him feel more grown up instead of being called “Matt” which is how his name was listed in the Screen Actors Guild when he began his acting career at age 16.

“You know what I wish I could change my name to? ‘Matthew’ which is my real name,” Damon reveals. Damon is in good company with actors Matthew Broderick, Matthew Modine, Matthew Perry, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Leblanc, Matt Damon sharing the spotlight as well as the same name.

The name ‘Matthew’ is derived from a Greek form of the Hebrew name (Mattityahu), meaning “gift of God.” As reported by, “Matthew” is ranked as the fifteenth most popular name in the United States. The name ranked number forty-seventh in England/Wales. It comes in number forty-one in Australia and ranks number fifty-three in New Zealand.

Certain individuals are concerned with how they will be perceived based on their name. While some like Damon would prefer to be called by another name, others favor the name they were given at birth. Much depends on how comfortable one is with the name that people call them.

Rose believes that babies are innately aware of and recognize the name that they will be called from birth. This may be one factor demonstrating the significance of a name. When asked if she wishes to change her name, celebrity actress Scarlett Johansson says, “No never. I’d never change my name. It’s my name!”

Johansson’s first name, Scarlett can be spelled with one “t” or two. Scarlett is an English name meaning “red.” According to, ‘Scarlet’ was most popular as a first name in the year 2012 ranking at number sixty-one. The U.S. Census (in the year 2000) reported that Scarlet is a common name choice as a surname or last name for all people.

In keeping with Rose’s baby naming advice, it is vital to consider not just the first and last name. The entire name is what tells the whole numerology formula. The actual birth name is what would be evaluated through numerology which is reportedly, Scarlett Ingrid Johansson.

Rose comments, “The full birth name tells us the potential and ability of this person, how she expresses herself and the people and experiences she attracts. The full birth name also shows us the internal drive of a person what they don’t share with others and it tells us how they present to other people their mannerisms.

The first name contributes to the personality as well as the first vowel in the first name. Her full name and also her Life Path number are consistent with the personality traits of her first name—ambitious and driven, with a strong ego and a desire to be the best.” supports Rose’s statements on the name Scarlett reporting, “People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.”

Baby names expert Rose shares her reading on Johansson’s name-related character traits saying, “Scarlett as a first name gives an insight into her personality. Scarlett is a strong girl, unique and determined. She’s the leader not the follower. She is not going to agree with others to keep the peace and wouldn’t be afraid to speak her mind.”

She adds, “Scarlett would feel a need to be independent of self and others. She would think big, not small and has the potential to make a lot of money over her lifetime. Material things would be important to her and would give her a sense of achievement, significance and satisfaction.”

Throughout Rose’s professional career, she has utilized her extensive knowledge in numerology to assist mothers, parents and couples in selecting suitable names for their babies. A few of her clients tell of their baby naming experiences with Rose.

“Allison was initially recommended to go to for guidance on how best to choose a name for my baby using numerology as I found the important decision very stressful to make. She addressed my baby’s personality/character and discussed what I can do to encourage my baby’s potential and the type of names to consider that would strengthen this potential using numbers. Allison gave 100% in the session and made sure by the end I had enough insight to make the vital decision in my own time,” says Lisa DeLaney, a client of Allison Rose.

“After many years with my partner, we were on the point of separation. It was then that a friend of mine suggested that we both have a couple reading with Allison. Not only did I finally understand why I do what I do, but I got an insight into my partner and this changed everything. Thank you Allison we are looking forward to our future together,” says Kylie Beckford, a client of Allison Rose.

“Allison’s numerology reading was an enlightening experience as she gave me another language to describe my personality and personal energy in a way that conventional schools of thought cannot. Allison’s warmth and professionalism put me at ease and I will forever be grateful for her knowledgeable advice in helping me decide to change my name,” says Theresa Ellington, a client of Allison Rose.

“You already know the last name your child will have. And if you have decided on the first name, you can play around with options for the middle name to give the right balance for your baby’s full name. The name that you choose, can also give a balance to make up for whatever numbers are lacking in the birth date,” explains Baby Name Expert Allison Rose.

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