Authority Marketing Guy, Stewart A. Alexander Explains Philips Case Study In Authority Marketing

Authority marketing is becoming one of the most important focal points for entrepreneurs in almost every niche. The truth is that business owners must position themselves as experts in their chosen industry, otherwise they will find themselves being overtaken by others who are more adept at promoting themselves as a celebrity or an expert in their industry. Building a personal brand is an important skill, and something that everyone should learn.

What is Authority Marketing?

There are many spokes on the Authority marketing wheel, but fundamentally it involves using knowledge and expertise to build up a strong brand by providing useful, knowledge-based information to prospective and current customers. Instead of simply marketing a product or service, the goal is to become the go-to person for information and tips about a given subject matter. This can be achieved by writing books, publishing whitepapers, writing informative articles, answering questions on social media, or creating useful and entertaining videos.

Authority marketing is valuable because it helps to build trust. If everything else is equal and a customer has a choice of two brands, they will pay for the services of a professional that they are familiar with over a more competent expert who is less effective at marketing. Knowledge and trust are essential, and being likeable is important too. Most consumers are willing to pay a premium to purchase the services of an “expert” over the services of a competent person who is perhaps less effective at marketing.

Authority Marketing Case Studies

One good example of how authority marketing can be exceedingly effective is the success of Philips. It’s easy to assume that Philips is a huge brand, and that everyone already knows who they are so they don’t need to worry too much about marketing. While it’s true that Philips is an established brand and they do have an advantage over a local small business because of that, Philips does need to focus on marketing. Their recent “Innovation + You” campaign is a brilliant example of successful authority marketing. The electronics brand produced several digital documentaries that showed how the innovations that they have produced have benefited people and businesses from all over the world.

The documentaries were short and to the point, and told clear and concise stories that were memorable and that consumers were likely to be able to identify with. They put forward a human and accessible front, and provided people with valuable information. Instead of simply relying on “me too” marketing, they took a moment to think about their brand and the kinds of customers that they wanted to reach. They showed that they knew and understood their audience, and gave them something that was worth paying attention to.

Philips Is A Big Brand

Their simple and concise approach to authority marketing is something that even small brands can learn from. Successful marketing does not require fancy special effects or expensive publicity stunts. What matters is the quality of the information that is being shared. As long as the information is presented clearly and it is something that consumers find value in, the end result will be positive for your brand.

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