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Through her own hero’s journey, Rebecca Randolph’s deep desire to empower and inspire anyone open to transformation has produced her latest book, Smart Medicine, A Rebels Transformation from Loss into Wholeness.

Smart Medicine is a no-nonsense, journal, and guidebook that takes you on a journey through seven portals and beyond, so you can become the contribution you were meant to be in this world regardless of past circumstances.

In “Smart Medicine,” Rebecca reveals her own smart medicine distilled along her own personal journey through life after loss.

Randolph features the insights she learned from transformational leaders including Marianne Williamson, Stephen Covey, and Harriet Rubin as well as
Simon Sinek, Abraham Hicks, and others.

“I’m beyond thrilled to share my latest book, Smart Medicine – A Rebels Transformation Through Loss into Wholeness. I wrote this book as an inspirational guide for other rebellious souls who have experienced loss, but still want to awaken and become a shining contribution to the world,” said Randolph. “Smart Medicine is like chicken soup for your soul, but vegan, calorie, gluten, and dairy-free.”

“Rebecca’s passion for her work is palpable. It was amazing how quickly I dropped in and all thoughts dissolved. I felt I had an honest to God blessing of light that I could see and feel enter my body. I believe Rebecca has an intuitive gift and has found her calling,” said Intimacy Expert Allanna Pratt.

About Rebecca Randolph
Rebecca Randolph is an Intuitive Wellness Coach and author. She loves to share her rebellious wisdom through writing, speaking, and nurturing others how to overcome their traumas and thrive. Through her gift of intuition, Rebecca is able to deeply connect with her clients and guide them lovingly to transform their own trauma into treasure troves of contributions.

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