Author of Not Another Fitness Book: A Memoir. A Manual. A Message for 49 Million Baby Boomers, Continues to Influence Boomers’ Overall Health

Inspired by an O Magazine cover where Oprah Winfrey is quoted saying “Every Person Has A Story With The Power To Crack You Wide Open” (February 2019), Head has been sharing his powerful story with his first book Not Another Fitness Book: A Memoir. A Manual. A Message for 49 Million Baby Boomers with his network of professional and fitness industry colleagues, personal friends, and influencers.

Available for sale on Amazon, Head has been sharing copies of his book freely, to empower and inspire America’s aging population to become more active, and to take control of their aging experience – with movement & strength, instead of doctors & prescriptions.

“The therapeutic power of regular exercise cannot be overstated. It’s been a lifeline for me emotionally, and physically it opens up life in ways nothing else can.” says Coach Head.

Since his book Not Another Fitness Book, was released, word is spreading through the fitness industry’s influencers, including articles written in fitness blogs.

“Trainer of Trainers” Nick Tumminello wrote about Head and his book on his blog, sharing the most common mindset traps that face boomers working to improve their health. When it comes to fitness for Boomers, Tumminello quotes from Head’s book, “I believe for the vast majority of folks, especially us baby boomers, it’s critical that we expand our repertoire beyond the machines. My aim is to get clients to see the value of body weight mastery and to make that a priority. The beauty of having a repertoire of bodyweight exercises is your ‘equipment’ goes with you everywhere. I also want to show them how they can use resistance bands, free weights (e.g. kettlebells, dumbbells), medicine balls, and sandbags- tools that are inexpensive and take up little space. This approach also makes supplementing one’s training in alternate settings outside the gym easier and far more likely.”

Greg Presto, a health & fitness journalist and owner of Parsonage Productions in an article for writes “Just like other exercise equipment, you’ll find various different types of dumbbells on Amazon and at your nearest sporting goods store. Adjustable dumbbells are a fantastic option for a compact, at-home system and will allow you to do almost any strength training workout in a spare bedroom or basement. But if you’re not in the market to shell out $250 or more at the start, you can grab just a few pairs of fixed-weight dumbbells and still get a great workout.”

“I would recommend buying a pair you can grow into rather than grow out of,” says Steven Head, “If you buy a heavier pair, you can do certain exercises now for five or six reps. Two months down the road, you can do those moves with 10 or 12 repetitions.”

Jonathan Goodman, founder of the Personal Trainer Development Center ( says “Steven’s book is as interesting as it is inspiring. His story makes him relatable, and his message demystifies and clarifies the keys to fitness industry success.”

Fueled by the overwhelmingly positive reaction to his book, with 60 5-star reviews on Amazon – Steven Head is planning to bring his own style of performance fitness coaching to more baseball players in America in 2020.

“A superb mind, body, and wellness book!” – Amazon 5-star review by Dorothea Johnson, founder of The Protocol School of Washington, and co-author of Modern Manners: Tools To Take You To The Top, co-authored with Liv Tyler

Steven Head, CSCS began working in the fitness industry in 1978 while still serving in the United States Air Force. After earning a Bachelors in Physical Fitness Management (1985) from Marymount University, he began personal training and continues to this day. He’s worked in physical therapy clinics, small personal training boutiques, big box gyms, and independently. Steven has developed a wide-ranging skill set, earning certifications in massage therapy and yoga, through mentorships with EXOS, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning and Cressey Sports Performance. He works with members of Washington DC’s A-List, with high school, college and recreational athletes, and is now in his 15th year as a Master Trainer for one the country’s largest health club companies, US Fitness. His HeadStrong Fitness & Performance specializes in the mindset support that ensures fitness success.
You can contact and follow him on his Facebook page. or Instagram, @headstrong_fitness_performanace

Not Another Fitness Book: A Memoir. A Manual. A Message for 49 Million Baby Boomers was published in November 2018 and quickly reached Amazon’s Bestseller lists.

More information is available through Steven Head at HeadStrong Fitness & Performance, and his book is available for purchase on Amazon in eBook and softcover print editions