Atlanta Psychic Medium And Hypnotherapist JuLee Hawkfeather Featured On Journey Into The Light

JuLee Hawkfeather is a psychic medium and clinical hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression and love relationships. She will be a guest on the Blog Talk radio show, “Journey into the Light,” Wednesday, March 12th at 7 p.m. EST. Hawkfeather plans to be a regular contributor to the well-known radio show exploring the afterlife.

“A person who is a psychic is someone who has the ability to—I believe—change consciousness level, shift into a different realm if you will,” Hawkfeather explains. “To some degree, a psychic who is not a medium does that kind of consciousness changing work—the Greeks called it being an oracle, seeking future knowledge. A medium that is also a psychic takes it several steps forward in that we can speak to people who have passed on, or in some cases, talk to masters or higher beings that are not operating in this dimension.”

Talley Carroll visited Hawkfeather to communicate with her departed loved ones. “When someone comes for mediumship,” Hawkfeather explains, “they’ve lost someone, they are feeling very unsettled. It is safe to say they are in grief, even if it has been a long time. Oftentimes they have unanswered questions about the passing or they didn’t get to say goodbye. They have questions. I am the conduit. I believe that healing takes place because the person on the other side wants to ask for forgiveness, or they see that the person here is in pain and needs to be healed.”

Carroll says, “JuLee is a gifted and talented psychic. She is able to get to the matter at hand and uncover the real issues that a person is struggling with. When you are working with JuLee, communication from your departed loved ones on the other side can come almost immediately. JuLee is caring, honest and wise. She shares her gifts with a grace and sensitivity that is very helpful and healing.”

Hawkfeather is also a clinical hypnotherapist. She helps her clients explore deep issues stored in their subconscious mind using hypnosis techniques. Under hypnosis, clients can explore the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and internal messages that they may have carried since childhood or even in a past life. Hawkfeather focuses on talking the client through the process of identifying the issues and then changing the internal story that the client has told themselves in order to provide healing. She uses this technique to heal both problems stemming from unconscious beliefs from this life and from any past lives that her clients remember while under hypnosis.

Hawkfeather feels that belief in mediums, past lives and past life regression is becoming more common in mainstream society, partially fueled by television shows such as NBC’s Medium or TLC’s Long Island Medium. This week, ABC launched a new television show focused on people reappearing from the dead called Resurrection. With 13.9 million viewers, Nielson rated it the number two drama premiere this season.

Hypnotherapy client Joelyn Goshon says, “Before hypnosis I use to over analyze everything. I’d get so overwhelmed I’d lose sleep. I didn’t realize that my bad energy was causing a lot of my own problems. During my sessions it’s like JuLee opens up your mind and does a spring cleaning of all the bad. She helps you rewire your mind taking your most painful and negative experiences and making them almost meaningless. She’s helped me use my emotions differently in any situation, so I feel like I have more control over my life and my emotions. I’ve changed so much from this experience. I’m calmer and I think on a much higher scale than before. You’ll never know what you’ve had bottled up in you and how much it’s effecting you until you do a few sessions. She truly is the best and without her help I’d be a very depressed, angry, lost individual.”

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