Atlanta Eco Cleaners Service Goes Beyond “Green” Cleaning To Offer Non-Toxic Dirt Removal Service

According to Neil Howe, co-owner of residential and commercial cleaning service Atlanta Eco Cleaners, consumers who turn to “green” or “natural” cleaning products and services in order to avoid exposure to harsh chemicals may not be getting what they bargained for. He advises consumers who want to have a clean home without being around harmful substances to be wary of these and other buzzwords.

“In the cleaning industry, ‘natural’ is a word that is thrown around quite a bit. A lot of people can claim that they use ‘natural’ or ‘green’ products, but that doesn’t mean a great deal,” explains Howe. “Just having one natural ingredient in a product grants the license to call the product ‘natural.’ The same goes for the label ‘green;’ sometimes, it can just mean that the bottle is biodegradable. Those labels don’t actually mean that the product is good for you.”

Atlanta Eco Cleaners, says Howe, is different because it focuses on non-toxic products and processes, rather than ones that may not be as safe as they promise. “Non-toxic is what it says; it’s not bringing toxic chemicals into the environment we’re cleaning, and we’re not leaving chemicals behind,” says Howe. “Instead, we are taking the dirt and the bacteria away with us.”

Howe says that one of the things that sets Atlanta Eco Cleaners apart is that they use only the highest end products. For example, instead of using regular cotton clothes or low-end microfiber clothes like other cleaning companies, Atlanta Eco Cleaners uses only E-Cloth, the leader in microfiber, for dusting. The fabrication of the E-Cloth can, using just water, remove over 99-percent of the bacteria from the hard surfaces in the home—more than what can be removed by a regular cotton cloth and bleach. As a result, says Howe, Atlanta Eco Cleaners is able to achieve better cleaning results for their customers without using any harsh chemicals.

Howe gives another example of how the products Atlanta Eco Cleaners uses lead to superior results—and another term to be wary of. “When it comes to vacuums, many people throw out the term ‘Hepa’ and talk about Hepa filters,” says Howe. “But what you don’t know about the vacuums that have Hepa filters is that much of the dust and the air that has been vacuumed up is released back into the air before it ever reaches the Hepa filter.” To avoid this, Atlanta Eco Cleaners uses Shark vacuums with complete seal technology, which prevents polluted air from being reintroduced into the environment during vacuuming.

Atlanta Eco Cleaners has received positive feedback from customers. One customer, Kristen Adams, says, “We could not be happier with our service! They perform a quality, consistent job each week. They use environmentally friendly products, which is a huge plus since we have a new baby in the home. And, Amanda and Neil are genuinely nice, caring people running a local family business. I highly recommend!” Similarly, customer Rosa Gonzalez says, “I’d been falling behind on everything at home due to lack of time and it was just so relieving to arrive to a clean home after a rough and exhausting week. I’m always so pleasantly surprised (and excited) when I come home after they’ve done the cleaning work. The fact that they use natural products is such a nice perk. I don’t come home to any unnatural chemical smells.”

Atlanta Eco Cleaners serves the Atlanta area, including Atlanta, Woodstock, Marietta, Canton and Alpharetta, Ga. Additional information is available at: