Ashley Anello, San Diego Pack And Move Realtor | Clean It Before Leaving It – It’s The Right Thing To Do

Ashley Anello, a San Diego Pack and Move Realtor said, “The big day has come and it’s finally time to move out of the home that you put so much work into…” Anello offers some tips for a smooth transition.

Although you may have kept your house routinely clean, it’s customary to ensure the house you are leaving is one that you would want to enter. Attention should be paid to, at least, the standard areas that need to be cleaned before you leave.

Remove All Items that Belong to You
Take all items out of the home that belong to you and be sure not to leave any trash behind. If you are leaving recycling or trash bins for the next occupants, do not leave anything in them. If you’re leaving extra wallpaper, paint, or carpet, make sure they are neatly organized and in a logical location.

Wipe Down
Any surface that is flat, wipe it down. Kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, fireplace mantel, etc. are all areas that need to be wiped down. Check your walls for any stains or smudges to remove as well as wipe down all doors to rooms and closets that may have collected dust. Ceiling fan blades are often overlooked; make sure these are free from dust.

Empty the Refrigerator and Freezer
Remove all items from the refrigerator and freezer. Wipe down all the shelves and defrost the freezer if needed. Pull the refrigerator out and wipe down all sides and clean any cobwebs from behind as well as clean the floor before pushing it back into place.

Clean the Stove and the Oven
Pull out the stove unit and wipe down the front, sides and back of the stove and the floor underneath. Make sure to scrub off any grease and food remnants. If the oven is self-cleaning, be sure to clean the oven. If not, find oven cleaner and scrub down the inside.

Clean All Bathrooms
Clean the toilet bowls as well as the side and back of the toilet. Scrub the sinks, shower walls and doors and make sure all soap residue is gone. Do not leave extra soap or a shower curtain. A nice gesture would be to leave toilet paper in each bathroom.

Sweep and Mop
Whether it’s carpet, wood, linoleum or concrete, sweep the surface or mop to make sure it’s clean. When you have all the cleaning done, do one more walk-through to see if you have removed all your personal items and there is no trash left behind.

Outside Areas and Garage
The garage is often overlooked in a move out. It should be cleaned also with only leaving behind any tools you may not want to take with you when you leave. Landscaping should be left in a just touched up shape as well.

Anello gave this advice, “Leave the home just the way you want to be greeted by your new home.”

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