Artist and Activist, Hillary Raimo, has Been Chosen for the Women’s Caucus for Art New York Chapter

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Hillary’s playful personality and photographic style shine through her keen and unique eye. Her sense of composition, her ability to create ethereal and pastoral imagery speckled with a hint of the fantastic give the viewer many a reasons to linger while appreciating the art in her photography.“-  Essdras M Suarez/ Pulitzer Prize Winning Photojournalist

Raised in part by her activist grandparents, who were Quakers, it would be natural to assume that Hillary Raimo would automatically have a sense of activism herself, and a curiosity for truth, running through her veins. And, after discovering the inner-being of a woman who is well on her way of becoming an artistic icon in her own right, it is clear to see that she is by all means a truth-seeker. Raimo is a breath of fresh air in that she is incredibly open-minded and finds value in all perspectives; compiling all information to form a true, educated opinion that she whole-heartedly calls her own. Raimo is not only a gifted artist, painter and photographer, but a businesswoman who is a licensed NYS real-estate and insurance agent, radio broadcaster, producer and writer. She has traveled the globe and has had the opportunity to immerse herself into ancient cultures and religions. She has accumulated a lifetime of experiences derived from many diverse civilizations, and people, and has wondrously added the countless number of perspectives into her various collections of art.

A recent luxury that Raimo has had the pleasure of experiencing is to work alongside Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Essdras M. Suarez. As she now opens up her schedule to collaborations, mentoring, commissions and curating Raimo’s mentoring, partnered with her high-level business skills, will surely make her a valuable resource for her newly appointed position as 2nd Vice President for the National Women’s Caucus for Art Executive Board of Directors. Raimo will be working toward a global inclusion for all women artists as a new and needed renaissance emerges from the pandemic chaos. 

The pandemic brought Hillary to the doorstep of a Buddhist monastery where she has spent this year studying zen art with Buddhist monks. Under the guidance of Hojin Sensei, Hillary has explored the concepts of higher mind and consciousness in her art practice. In 2021, Hillary will be completing a residency at the monastery where she will continue her studies.

The pandemic has shifted my course. It has brought me to the edge of my known world and has asked me to reevaluate my life, work, choices and direction. Studying with the monks throughout the pandemic has offered a reprieve from the hard edges of a conflicted world.”

As an already well-known artist in New York, Raimo’s works have been featured in NYC galleries including the Salmagundi Club in Manhattan, the Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga and is regularly featured in the traveling exhibits of the Schenectady Photographic Society. Raimo, noticed and celebrated for her ability to translate a wide range of realities and issues of today’s social climate, into beautiful works of art, has quickly become a highly sought-after artist, by collectors, and has inspired many up-and-coming artists. 

As Hillary Raimo herself is quite open to all interpretations with a true appreciation of viewpoints far from her own. Her eye for art is refreshing, captivating and inspiring. For those eager to learn more about Raimo, or collaborate with her, she is eager to help you get to the next level. With 20 years of guiding clients to a higher consciousness Raimo is the perfect guide to take you on your next meaningful journey! 

Photo Credit Jayana LaFountaine 

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