App Developer Drew Griffin Spills Industry Secrets in New Mobile App Development Book

App Developer, Drew Griffin of Mobile Apps Labs might be stepping on some industry toes this week as he releases his new book about mobile app development. “Develop apps without knowing how to code? Well, here is your chance!” Griffin laughs, “To be able to create a truly native application that has valuable functionality without knowing how to code and without the expense of hiring a developer seems like an attractive solution to me.”

Griffin took this idea of helping non-coders learn how to develop apps and turned it into his new book, the Mobile App Formula: How To Develop Mobile Apps Even If You Are Not A Programmer. His solution enables you to take action, create, publish and profit from apps you create. “While competitors are slowly developing apps the old fashioned way, your app can be developed quickly and published for your clients and future potential customers to download and be used on their devices,” he explains. “Whether you are an individual, a small business or large organization,” he adds, “Each and every one of these entities can benefit from the developing a mobile app.”

Digital Marketing Strategist, Loribeth Pierson says, “Drew Griffin has been and continues to be a powerhouse in Mobile App Development, iOS and Android Developer and All App Marketing. A solid early adopter in new platforms, he excels at not only bridging the gap of traditional and digital, but often leads the process. Drew is one of those people that are always there to lend a helping hand. He goes beyond the call of duty all the time. He truly is an online wizard. One to definitely have in your corner and on your team.”

Griffin’s book, Mobile App Formula: How To Develop Mobile Apps Even If You Are Not A Programmer, was published online and in print last week. It hit the #1 spot across several categories on Amazon, making it an instant bestseller. An audio version is set to release via this week.

“This is an amazing book. It broke things down and made it simple for me to understand,” says reader Jimmy Harding. “I’m not a tech person by any means but after reading this book I can successfully navigate building my own app. What is more important is now I finally understand why every business should have an app.”

“Drew Griffin is full of knowledge and anyone who gets a chance to be in Drew’s head for a while would know how valuable this information is. Definitely check this out as mobile marketing is here and it is going to be growing at nearly 20% per year for the next couple of years… if you want to be found, then you better be into mobile!,” says reader Jaime Jay.

To learn more about Drew Griffin and Mobile App Labs please visit:’s book, Mobile App Formula: How To Develop Mobile Apps Even If You Are Not A Programmer is available on Amazon and other online retailers.