APEX Performance Wellness & Rehab Announces New Director of Physical Therapy

Jeron Mastrud, CEO of APEX announced that Jaydee Romick has joined the Team.

“Jaydee headlines our Rehab Team as a doctor of physical therapy. She is a former National Champion softball player at Linfield College and combines her athletic background with her medical background to be able to work with athletes and active adults of all levels.” states Mastrud.

Mastrud continues,  “She is an alumni of the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at George Fox University, where she earned the award, Innovation in Practice. Jaydee has served in a variety of clinical settings, finishing up at Nike, before starting her tenure here at Apex. We are excited to have her as part our our team.  Her her whole body, sustainable approach to performance, wellness and rehab, will bring us tremendous value to our programs and clients. She’s helping us improve community health by creating a new wellness experience.

About Apex Performance, Wellness & Rehab

Apex is ready to help you Champion Your Body.

Providing a full spectrum of performance, wellness and rehab offerings, including DEXA Scans, VO2 Max and RMR testing. In addition to the tests for your body, Apex boasts a top notch physical therapy treatment experience sure to alleviate and remedy injury, aches and chronic pain that are bound to happen to almost everyone.

Now accepting health insurance for physical therapy! Apex provides a team oriented atmosphere with an athlete mindset that’s results driven to deliver superior performance. They work with athletes of all ages and abilities, from middle school to professional. Apex also works with adults to help them Champion Their Body. From fitness, to body analysis with VO2 Max and DEXA, to injury prevention and treatment, Apex has your back!

For more information, visit: www.ApexPWR.com

Location Info:

Apex Performance Wellness Rehab
10831 SW Cascade Ave Suite 103, Tigard, OR 97223, Tigard, Oregon 97223
(503) 941-0232

About Dr. Jaydee Romick

Jaydee is a native Oregonian and is passionate about people and health. She is a doctor of physical therapy, former softball national champion, wife, daughter, coach, and teacher.

She is on a mission to empower others to take control of their health, well being, and life by equipping them with knowledge, mindfulness, and encouragement. She lectures on nutrition, corporate wellness and how to live a healthier lifestyle around the Portland area.