Anna Marie Barnard, San Diego Real Estate Investment Broker, Endorses Real Estate Partnerships To Build Retirement Income

Anna Marie Barnard, a San Diego Real Estate Investment Broker, when asked about the major misconception about real estate investing said, “Most people think that it takes too much money; that you can’t really afford to do it because a large amount of money is needed.”

It is true, if you were to go try and buy a condo on your own as an investment property, you have to put 25% down as an individual, but you could pool your resources with five other individuals and enter into a partnership where each would invest in that same property with a fifth of that amount of money.

The entire transaction would be spelled out upfront. Everything that goes into it, how it’s managed and handled, and everything that comes out of it; how it’s distributed, and who does the work.

A real estate investment broker will bring a group of people together to purchase an investment property in such a manner where they buy whatever portion they can afford. The agreement promises them a minimal return on their money, but has upside potential.

“You don’t have to invest alone,” says Barnard. “If you can’t afford to invest on your own, invest in a secured pool with other investors that you know to be safe and proven.”

This process is taking baby steps into investing in real estate which will give more return than you’re going to see on your money than any other type of investment you might make.

People that do not understand the process often say, “How can I get involved in a real estate deal? I obviously can’t do it on my own; I don’t have enough money to do any kind of real estate deal.”

In reality, the transaction is much simpler than purchasing a single piece of investment property on your own. There’s no qualifying, the closing costs are all figured into the deal. There’s nothing other than just coming up with your share of the money; as easy as saying I have X amount to invest. With five people you can do a deal and you can all make money; make anywhere from 8% to 20% return on your money.

Barnard added, “One other thing I want to say is that I truly believe that the only way anybody’s going to truly retire is with real estate investing. You can retire off of stocks and other types of investments, but the odds of success are slimmer. Real estate investing is tried and true.”

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