Anna Hjalmarsson Explains How An Independent Buyers’ Agent Can Help A Client Find Their Dream Home

Of Swedish origin, Anna Hjalmarsson is an independent real estate consultant covering the Costa del Sol. She is fluent in Swedish, English, Spanish and Italian.

For Anna, nowhere else in the world compares to Costa del Sol for overall benefits. A unique combination of over 300 days a year of sunshine, a year-round infrastructure, and a Mediterranean lifestyle to dream of, are all within a few hours flight of most of the major European cities.

Since 1996, Anna has made Marbella her home. After having worked for a number of the larger real estate agencies over the years, she now heads up her own consulting business under the name of Properties Consulting Costa del Sol.

Anna believes that the best way to assist buyers is to become a one-stop contact point with a focus on working on behalf of the buyer, instead of both the buyer and the seller at the same time.

The Costa del Sol has more than 20,000 properties for sale and in excess of 600 real estate agents. The prospect of spending hours browsing different websites, contacting each of the different agents who list the various properties, and wasting large parts of their holidays viewing countless properties is often enough to put the most eager of property buyers off.

Anna believes that an independent buyer’s agent is the solution!

As Anna Hjalmarsson explains, “Properties Consulting Costa del Sol has access to the database of over 20,000 properties on the Costa del Sol and over 600 agents. I can act as a buyer’s agent, arrange appointments and negotiate on the individual’s behalf. Furthermore, having lived in the area for almost 20 years, I can answer all sorts of questions: where is the best area to live, where are the best schools located, or who are the most reliable professionals? I can complete all the necessary research on behalf of the client in order to find the most suitable properties. Should a client also find other properties of interest, I can help with advice about their suitability.”

Not being restricted in any way to the properties that can be sold leaves an agent free to show any property they choose. They can negotiate in the buyer’s interest from a position of strength.

Of course, there may be some occasions where the agent has also been instructed by a seller to market a property that may interest the buyer. In this case, Anna feels that it is important to make it very clear to the buyer that she is also acting on behalf of the seller. Transparency and honesty, Hjalmarsson feels, are key ingredients to being a successful agent.

Another advantage for the buyer is that the services of an independent buyer’s agent comes at no cost to them. Due to the structure of the real estate business on the Costa del Sol, the fees of the buyer’s agent are covered by the selling agent.

By working with one buyer’s agent, you have a trusted professional on your side who is dedicated to helping you, the buyer. The agent knows the area, the properties that sell and the properties that do not, the areas that are upcoming and the places to avoid. They can help save you time by arranging appointments and viewings with the other agents and by helping you to avoid wasted afternoons viewing properties that might have looked good on the Internet, but in reality end up being a disappointment. Finally, when it comes to negotiating the purchase, you have someone on your side, who can negotiate from a position of strength and authority.

When it’s time to buy property or investigate more closely those dreams of owning property in a sunny and beautiful place, make sure you contact Anna at Properties Consulting Costa del Sol.

Anna Hjalmarsson can be contacted via her personal website at:, via Properties del Sol website at: or by telephone +34 622 779 906.

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