Andy Curry: The Importance Of Establishing Your Authority

Regardless of the industry, customers and clients first turn to business leaders who present an aura of authority. Andy Curry figured this out a long time ago, and has since reaped the rewards. The entrepreneur began his rise in the business world at his father’s side, working in lumber and hardware. He eventually took over his family’s company, later using the insights he gained along the way to establish his own marketing business. Since then, he has conquered an array of industries, each time selecting a specific niche and becoming the ultimate authority in that field. More recently, he has discovered the joy of passing on his in-depth understanding of marketing to fellow business owners through the book Automatic-Pilot Sales and his website, His ultimate goal is to provide business owners with a quick and effective means of improving their bottom line by making them the authority in their market.


Establishing Authority in an Unlikely Market

Andy Curry’s most valuable lessons arrived after he discovered the world of horse training in 2005. Having spent little time around horses as a child, Curry did not know a whole lot about horse training when he entered this niche market. However, he had a knack for getting experts in the field to share their wealth of knowledge with him. He sold his products to eager buyers in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Saudi Arabia, U.K., Canada and was especially well-received in the United States. As the leader of SuperStars of Horse Training, Curry was soon considered a top authority in his selected niche, despite having previously known absolutely nothing about horses. Through his discoveries, he found that aspiring entrepreneurs can achieve success in the niches of their choice regardless of their previous background. The key, Curry found, is to use the resources at his disposal to learn the industry inside and out, and, from there, and most importantly, establish your authority.  Curry says, “Even if you’re going up against people in television as I did, you can still establish your authority in the market and carve out a significant piece of the pie.  Simply position yourself as the expert.”


Creating Authority From Scratch

Many entrepreneurs think of authority as something that is given to them, as opposed to something they secure for themselves. Curry believes that this attitude makes it all but impossible to achieve quick success in business. He insists that many business owners are newsworthy, but they simply don’t realize it yet. His goal, then, is to help them “raise [their] own flag and let the world know.” However, these individuals cannot simply rely on boasting about themselves as that doesn’t work; they must learn how to present themselves in the correct manner. For example, Curry feels that many entrepreneurs come across as too salesy in press releases. In Automatic-Pilot Sales, he advises business leaders to stick with messages that are “portrayed from the stance of an educator and an advocate.” These “newsy” press releases can then be syndicated to a variety of top networks, allowing the business owner to achieve that much-needed sense of authority while keeping his or her monetary investment to a minimum.

Andy Curry believes that success in business is best achieved through the selection of the right niche and the subsequent positioning of the entrepreneur as an authority in his or her given field. He has used this approach to marketing to great effect – and he believes that struggling business owners and professionals can turn their businesses around by doing the same.

About Andy Curry

Andy Curry attended Colorado State University with a BA in Economics. With 30 years of business experience, he knows how to market professionals and businesses for maximum impact to their bottom line. He is passionate about his agency that makes professionals and business owners the irrefutable expert in their market. He is a best-selling author of a book called: Automatic-Sales Pilot: Get Pre-Qualified, Pre-Sold Leads And Blow Up Your Bank Account. He was featured in Business Innovators Magazine and liked the organization so much he became a contributor for them. Visit his website at: to learn more.

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